Ambitious Man…my rendition of Wale’s Ambitious Girl.

He says he just wants to stay out of harm’s way.
Wanna be that nigga with enough pay
to support his mother and his baby brother.
So he stays single, ain’t got no time to mingle
cuz he doesn’t wanna be a bother.
That don’t mean he is a pushover cuz he seated quietly
by himself at the corner.
My ambitious man.
Through the years you persevere,
striving hard to emerge a victor through your tears,
to me your dreams seem so far but you perceive them as near.
Putting into your work your sweat and blood
such that as good as it gets ain’t never enough.
You don’t tire till all your dreams are met.
Daddy left before you were born but mama promised to raise her baby boy
and mama raised no thug,just a gentleman with a big heart.
Now you all grown, holding high your family’s torch.
You put their need before yourself,so selfless.
Their happiness is your priority so you never act reckless,
Mama keeps complaining that you are so restless
But you say you’re the man of the family so you gotta keep hustling.
Ambitious man,
In school they consider you uncool,
call you a fool cuz you don’t never hang wit them cool dudes
At the back of your mind you know things ain’t what they seem,
You pledge to your dreams, you just can’t let them be.
My ambitious man always got a plan,
He says he gotta have his fam’s back.
You inspire me, your ambition is what drives me.
I know sometimes shit hurts but you stand tall through it
and I know sometimes you’re beat,sore are your feet
but you still manage to stay fit and show your teeth.
You say you hope crying don’t make you look weak
but even when a wolf cry you still see its teeth.
They say you exaggerate when you complain about the pay being late
but none of them know you hold your family’s fate.
Ambitious man you are my inspiration.
Am in awe of your aspiration, motivation and ambition.
You still holding it down in the hood but that don’t deter you.
You grow through what you go through so you never focus on what you going through but what you going to.
You work two jobs and that ain’t no joke,
and though the pay seems little,
you’re worth much more than a nickel,
To others you seem feeble,
but to me you’re mighty as an eagle.
You keep your feet on the ground though, no ego.
My ambitious man,
I just want you to know
That even if the plan fail and it rains hail,
I’ll be with you through it all, together we stand tall.
Come shine or snowfall I will never let you go.
Not perfect, but worth it.
Go hard…..


2 Comments Add yours

  1. eish… i would kill to have such a woman.. good stuff!

    1. eaglechic says:

      hahah bet she exists somewhere. Thank you:)

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