Crooked Smile

It,s funny how everybody has a different definition of beauty now,

They say that beauty is what’s light,

Bitches with a perfect grill, smile so bright.

We think it’s real but we can’t really see

The rest that don’t fit feel they should also be treated like queens, fellas kissin their feet.

Too much pressure on the women makin them insecure

A nigga appreciating what she got but she don’t conform to the norm so she can’t be sure

Not knowing how to deal with it but wanting to be by her side still

Loving what she got, forgetting ’bout what she’s not

Showing her it’s beautiful but she being the opposite retorts with “Is it?”

Constantly asking if she’s lacking or packing,

Wondering what’s going on and what’s wrong

Staring at her phone for a time so long waiting for his call

Tears cloud her eyes so she don’t see the moonlight when the sun goes down

Knowing his game is foul and he’s fooling around

Badly wanting to be found by another

and knowing she deserves a better brother,

She struggles to fit in, raising her inches

Dressed in a mini n doin a lil sippin,

Hopin n prayin that through this her wounds heal and his heart she could steal

She knows for certain she ain’t perfect a fact she curses behind closed curtains

Viewing everybody else as competition she is on a mission,

A child to woman transition….


Forget about what the rest believe in,

You are truly beloved,

your worth; nothing comes above it.

With all honesty your light shines to me blinding me from all of the world’s agony and bigotry

When I see you I see poetry,

Dignity, creativity, little iniquity and vanity.

You are important do not be forlorn.

I hope this token from my heart does its part and helps you forget your hurt.

Forget your past,

Fuck the rest,

You are the best!

So as you put on your garments,

Wear that crooked smile,

With pride.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. i like the poem. how you point out the issues affecting the common girl and also giving a solution to it. cheers!

  2. briandimz says:

    This piece is just awesome. Very relatable and totally is a deep story well put. I like. Continue 🙂

    1. eaglechic says:

      I appreciate. I actually thought it needed something more. True story 🙂

  3. eaglechic says:

    I appreciate that a lot 🙂

  4. eaglechic says:

    Reblogged this on eaglechic and commented:

    I need to sit down and come up with more. Sit tight!! 🙂

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