I miss,

the gentleness of your caress

your lips of tenderness

your words of solace

the broadness of your shoulders

your behavior so cautious

I know we were together only yesterday

But it feels like it was years past then

I don’t ever want you to go away

N I promise by your side I will stay

Promise to fill your days with bliss

With unending peace and ease

With undue grace and a steady pace

Our relationship will grow and maintain its glow

Lettin the rivers of love flow

Overcoming all of life’s blows

Never letting go of our dreams and ambitions

Sticking to them and holding close our visions

Living by them faithfully

And accomplishing them steadily

Not slowly or hurriedly

I will love your imperfections perfectly

But it’s driving me crazy

This love I feel for you baby

Our relationship I will never forfeit

I will never deny or disclaim it

When I sit down to eat

Or lay my head down to sleep

In my thoughts you will always be

It’s not bout what I c but what I feel

I carry you around in my heart

Cus of my being you form a very big part

My love for you is not an act

N I’m glad it is you that I have

For you are a blessing from above

My dear, with you I have no fear

I love you this is true,

Believe you me my boo


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