HHC mock up

So I’ve been hosting Hip Hop Culture (HHC) on Homeboyz Radio 103.5 FM alongside Frankie and DJ Finalkut for the past one month now.

Okay, let’s start from the top. Hip Hop Culture is a show that runs every Saturday from 7-9 a.m and is a show that focuses very heavily on Kenyan rap cuz we believe that there are artists that have got it and we can play their music because we believe it’s good enogh.

When Finalkut approached me to do the show barely two months after I landed a “gig” at HBR I was shocked. Mainly because, I consider myself a rookie in the game, and I am. Still learning. Nothing wrong with that. So after consulting I got into the show!

Let me tell you, the Hip Hop crowd won’t hide that they wanna test your skills. I am a BIG fan of Hip Hop and rap music. I am, but when I got into the show it’s like I was being told that I didn’t know ish! It was amazing, and I loved it! I can’t say that nerves weren’t a problem, or that I knew what to say almost half the show cuz really, I didn’t but the reaction from the listeners was amazing! I was accepted into the HHC Family on that day and it felt like I had been doing the show forever.

Still learning, giving myself time to grow and I can assure you that I shall not disappoint. Even when Frankie was burnt out and couldn’t make it for the show after his crew The BlackOps were mercilessly thrashed (I had predicted this, btw) and I had to do it alone, the support was still there. I didn’t know what I was doing and I was nervous AF too!! You supported me either way. Thank you. 

Only way we can go is up, from here. As Frankie said. He’s also the guy who nicknamed me Hip Hop Culture’s Precious Stone cuz I’m a Ruby:).

I own the name and I love the show. I also love each and every person who makes time to tune in that early morning (kawaida culprits I see you: Mtu Pombe, The Ril Majestic, Am Charlie, NicyIzMe,KingyIzMe (I understand they’re brothers), HellyShish, Kate Kalahari Baleti, Bentoz Ogmanizzo, Cafu…the list is too long). I do see you, and I appreciate each one of you. Many thanks!

You could always holla at me on Twitter: @Miss_RubyV


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