The Self Made Man Vs. The “Struggling Beginner”.

So the other day my girls and I were having a discussion about whether or not it would be “funner” to date someone you’re in the same profession with. I’m the one who asked this question of course, based on some of the couples both locally and internationally.

Here we’re talking Jay Z and Beyonce, Brad Pitt and Angelina, Nameless and Wahu…you get my drift, right? Of course this topic went on and on, some were for it as long as you two are not in the same office or work in the same place while others just thought it would be boring.

After a long discussion, this went to whether or not women prefer to date the self made man or to start up from the bottom with him. One of the girls said that as long as it’s not a “makanga” it’s fine. Then another quickly responded her senior pastor who now drives a Beamer, has a beautiful wife and is very successful and Mark Masai were also ‘makangas’ once and look where they are now. Oh I see where Mark at. He is in many women’s “You so fine” list. I know I’m speaking for many women here. LOL!

Anyway, all jokes aside, I said that the key word there was WERE. They WERE, not are. If these people didn’t want anything more for themselves they would still be in the same position.
While some women prefer a man who is already packaged with his own achievements, I actually don’t mind the beginner because right now,  I’m also starting out. So why not start out together? Ain’t nothing wrong with that. I really don’t care whether or not a man earns a living by scrubbing toilets right now. His rock hard abs would help me forget *looks around*.

AAAAAAAnyway, the problem for me would come up if I notice that you’re comfortable with where you are, no goals and no ambitions. See, I’m a go-getter. I like structure; having goals and I definitely don’t plan on being in the same position for the rest of my life.

kevin-green               slide-51                 Man scrubbing a bathroom floor

Of course if I have already reached the peak and self actualized I just need a man who’s ahead of me. That’d be motivation for me. As one of the girls said, it’s easier for a woman to deal with a man who’s more successful than the other way round because men have the ego and what not.
But that’s just me, what do you think? Prefer?


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