Do Money and Fulfillment Go Hand In Hand?

On Sunday I was sitting in church where the pastor was talking about how poor people never get heard and that even though they say wise things their speech will be disregarded. It’s in the Bible, btw. And I do agree about the part he said that the Lord didn’t intend for us to be poor. That’s fine. I’m sure that the Lord does have good plans for us. That’s in the Bible too. Jeremiah.

broke man

So as he was preaching I remembered this lecture I’ve had from my folks countless times.  “There’s a lot of money to be made in this n that…” examples range from agriculture to personal businesses to team building. True that, no problem with that but I wonder: Is it about making money or being fulfilled from loving what you do? Or is it both?

I’ve been told too many times to quit this or that  and concentrate on more “lucrative” businesses away from employment because there’s so much money there. But don’t they say “find something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life?” They do, yes? Yes.


Doing what I love keeps me fulfilled. Makes me believe that dreams can be achieved no matter how big or crazy cuz I’ve wanted this (read, radio) for so long and here I am!


Of course I don’t mean that being fulfilled and being happy mean that I don’t wanna make money. No. I do. BUT I wanna make money doing what I love and loving what I do. Of what use is wealth to me if I curse myself every morning cuz I  know I’m going to slave? But that’s just me.

The question I still haven’t been able to answer is “Do money and fulfillment go hand in hand?” Can you have both or do you have to forego one for the other?

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