It’s been a while since I blogged. Ok, the last time i blogged was November 12th, so we can say that it’s almost been a month. I hope you have missed me hehe.

Anyway, we’re about to get into another year, wrap 2014 up. Just a few more weeks. I was just thinking about how we make resolutions every year, well I do, and sometimes we don’t achieve them because they’ve become cliche and quite normal.

But looking back at 2014, this has been a year of milestones for me. A lot of good and bad things have happened this year. Let’s just document that shortly, yeah? Stay with me through my journey.

In January, actually the first weekend Jan 5th, I think, my grandma fell into a coma because of diabetes and HBP. She’d been in an out of sickness but this time round it looked like it was fatal. I was scared. On my birthday, Jan 21st, she was discharged. I remember thinking that that was the best birthday gift ever She was getting better, and when I went to the countryside to see her, I felt that she was in pretty bad shape. I could hardly keep myself from crying but I told myself that I had to be strong for her, and for my grandpa who was obviously trying his best to be there for her as well.

Stayed with her, made her laugh, sang for her, fed her, I reminded her stories of when I was a child and even though she couldn’t speak or respond I knew that she was happy to have me there and that she loved me just as much as I did her. Came back home only to be told two weeks later in March that she had passed away. It was a mixture of emotions. I was so relieved that she was no longer in pain but at the same time I was hurt that doctors said she was  improving and that she would regain her speech and the movement on the left side of her body (she was paralysed) but that wasn’t the case. That’s Jan-March.

Before 2013 ended , I’d written down my goals and what I’ll say is, this right here explains how the rest of my year has been.

Ruby See the way my #WCW is set up tho, haha. Last year December, I vowed to myself that I’d get a mentor, someone to teach me the ropes of the radio business. I approached @theemwalimuracheland tho she said she’s never been anyone’s mentor, I nagged her and tricked her into being mine. I ain’t never been anyone’s mentee either so I said we’d learn on the job. Then again I resolved that I’d be in the radio business before my graduation in June and in May, there I was! Two months later in August, I began co-hosting #HHC on@homeboyzradio with Frankie and Finalkut. After a few months again, I began my web series #TheDisclozureWithRuby. Radio has it’s ups and downs, like any other business. Not everyone will like what you do but the trick is to rise above all the bullshit and focus on your end goals. I never thought I’d make it this far but since I have, I say 2014 was nothing but a warm up. 2015 WILL be fire!! Excited to see what 2015 got in store for me.😊☺. I’m my own WCW because I am strong, I am confident, a go getter and I’m persistent.
#LongAssCaption #ProudOfMyself even if nobody else is!!

(OK….embedding pictures from Instagram gives me so many problems I just had to do it manually, forgive a sister lol)

Also, check out the first three episodes of said web series #TheDisclozureWithRuby by clicking HERE.

I’m just a beginner yes, but I’m assuring myself of better things come next year. Speak whatever it is you want into existence. I remember crying and asking why nobody else is giving me a chance to at least prove myself. Know what you want, then go ahead and take it! IT IS POSSIBLE!

It wouldn’t be right if I finished this without thanking each and every person who has been there for me even way before I got into radio. The people that supported me and encouraged me to keep going no matter what, my family, my uncle (so special)!. Thankful to Mwalimu Rachel, Frankie and Finalkut as well. Only way from here is up!

May be too early but, heck, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I know I’m ready!


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  1. Nellius says:

    happy new year.continue with the high spirits and your achievements will be great

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