5 Reasons Why J. Cole Is The “Baddest” Rapper Out Here.

I’ll give you five reasons why I think J. Cole is the best. The baddest MF* out here right now.  Only 5 because well,  I don’t want you reading this blog all day.
I’m just going to point out right now that this is a little biased but at least his music (and personality I might add)  hold water anyway.


Then again I don’t think it’s biased.  Just listen to any track by him or watch any of his interviews.  You’ll see I’m telling the truth.

Here goes:
1. He’s a story teller.
J. Cole started rapping when he was about 12 years old and by the time he was 15 he discovered that he really was into telling stories through his music.  J. Cole’s music is more than just bars. He will literally sit you down and tell you a story,  start to finish. Any fan of his knows this. One of my best songs (stories)  is Lost Ones and more recently Wet Dreamz and Apparently (2014 FHD) * to name but a few.


2. He’s signed to ROC Nation.
Let’s be mighty honest.  When you’re signed by Jay Z then you know you bad.  TBH*. Jay Z is one hard rapper.  The way he spits is just legendary so he’d definitely know talent and potential the moment he sees it.
If you think Jay is overrated then you also probably think the earth is flat.  Or the sun rises at night.  Or the moon has light of it’s own.  Or there’s gravity on the moon. Or… Can I make it any more obvious?


3. He is a talented lyricist.
Rappers such as Fab aka Loso have said that J. Cole is one of the best lyricists of our time. If you don’t know what a lyricist is, Google is your friend.

Check out a compilation of some of his best verses according to Complex Mag by clicking here.

Who still thinks J.  Cole is not one of the best lyricists we have if not THE BEST?


4. His music is more than just bragging.
Have you listened to Crooked Smile (Born Sinner) or Love Yourz (2014 FHD) or Be Free (Ferguson inspired single)
In fact watch his performance on David Letterman’s show, where he performed Be Free here.

J.  Cole will brag sometimes but at the same time he will give you positive music.  Music that won’t hurt you.  Music to build you up.  That’s a fact. He cares and he’s not afraid to show it.

5. He speaks his mind.
The best reference here would be Fire Squad (2014 FHD)*.

People who don’t understand him will say he’s taking shots at white rappers (Eminem, Iggy Azalea, Macklemore etc) but if you watch (and you should) his interview on Power 105.1 with Angela Martinez here then you’re going to understand what he was talking about. You’re also going to notice that he’s highly intelligent (after all he graduated with a 3.8 GPA) and very REAL.
J.  Cole will never be afraid of speaking what’s on his mind at that moment and that’s brave. We need more artists who are like this.

There you have it.  5 reasons. I challenge you to disagree with me. Let’s see what you got.


(side note)

I didn’t even say how attractive he is. Wouldn’t want you to say that the girl in me is clouding my judgment on this very talented and conscious rapper but my God,  J. Cole. Why you gotta be so fine?


2014 FHD- Forest Hills Drive. His third album that dropped on Dec 9th 2014.

TBH– To be honest


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  1. Luismo says:

    yes you are very right…. #ArushaNative

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