I was introduced to this guy in January. We’ll call him Ten (that’s how close to perfect he is…or I THOUGHT he was). My girl had met him and his cousin before and she was like “Girl let me tell you, I got you! This guy is too pretty. He’s your type”. My type would have to be pretty, lightskin and… I was gone say tall but homie, the shortest person you know is probably taller than me. So the man would definitely be taller than me. By default.


I’ll admit I was a little too hands on for a first meeting (I was also ridiculously drunk. Ladies you don’t wanna be introduced to nobody when you like that) and it freaked him out. I don’t blame the “brutha” but then again, baby why you so damn fine? To be honest I kept forgetting his name but he looks like a celebrity I’m totally obsessed with so that didn’t stop me from “hunting” for his IG (Instagram) username. We’d shared about work and I knew I’d seen his ass somewhere on IG. You should have seen me when I found it. I just did the Shmoney right there and followed.


No doubt the next thing was to look through his pictures like where you been, who you been wid, the kinda crowd you dig. I was all CIA on his ish.

From there the next step would be to get his number, right? So I call my boy up, who’s his colleague and tell him to slide me his number. He’s like naah, I have to ask him. Can’t be giving out his number without permission. So I say don’t do it. I can live without it but my friend didn’t stop. He asked for his number for me. Dammit!! You know what he said when he was told Ruby is asking for your number? Lol “I think Ruby is a psycho. Met her and she stayed about my business”. Not word for word but I think the word “psycho” was definitely there. But why you gotta by that fine, boy? Your fault! Lol.

Ten refuses to let me have his number but then goes back and asks for it. But guess who already had his number for some place else? Me, fam! Me!! So when this other source got me the number I literally stayed two days figuring out what to say to Ten because man, you don’t wanna mess up, right? This is everything!



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