So after two days of being a sissy I finally grew a pair and texted him. I was nervous. So nervous I was shaking from my end. What did I text him? “Hey, it’s Ruby the groupie”. What? I just thought it rhymed and I like to rhyme…also, I was thinking it’d be a great ice breaker. Saying that now, that was the dumbest ish I’ve ever said to a guy. I say dumb things all the time but that definitely tops the charts.

I’m so nervous I actually go to bed knowing that he not gon text back. Why would he? Oh but he did. I have never felt like a little girl yet grown in my life. I’m there feeling like it’s high school all over again just jumping up and down like “Calm down Ruby, it’s just a text”.


We keep talking. Regular texts, sometimes on the daily you know but yo, climax was the first day he actually said good morning. Trust me to get ahead of myself. Lol I was like “how many babies you want? We gon have two. Pretty ass kids”. Now calm down, I didn’t actually text him that. I didn’t even think it. Just tryna show you how excited I was.

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We’re texting for a while, yeah? We good. Like we’re doing okay. There’s jokes here and there. I start to really like him. Like dawg, even behind your gorgeousness you actually have a personality! I’ve dated a couple pretty boys, most of them ain’t shit. They’ve got that pretty boy attitude “I’m-so-hot-you-lucky-you-dating-me” vibe. Seeing Ten is obviously very attractive but not vain (I THOUGHT) I thought he was one of the good ones. Lol!

Mind you I’m very careful about the situation with Ten. He thought I liked him, I confirmed it with my drunk texts (dammit can I stay away from boys and alcohol? Seriously). Then I remember once I was at a party we were supposed to go to together but he cancelled and we were supposed to go out “next time” his words. I’m like boy ain’t no next time. I’m tired of chasing your ass you better let me know if you feeling me or nah. I ain’t finna spend all year chasing you just cuz you pretty. I need to move on. Those are my thoughts. What I really texted back was, “Lol. Ain’t no next time, I give up”. Why couldn’t I just say what I thought? SMH.


He texts back “No. Don’t give up yet”. I’m like why? There better be a valid reason! So he says “Hopefully you’ll see why soon”. I’m fricken confused but know like if he’s telling me not to give up, this is good. He likes me back. (Don’t ever assume. It’s bad for everything). I’m like okay. We’ll see.

But I was really thinking was…

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