OK then we go two or three weeks. We not talking to each other, right? Not that there’s bad blood between us, I just wanted him to holla at me. From all the fellas, I was told if he likes you he gone text. And the type of “like” I’m talking about right now is the “She-F-Around-She-Gon-Get-The-D like. Or well… you know, a relationship but that’s for later.

We were supposed to go to this huge concert together so I holla at him and ask him if we’re going. Hated doing that. I’d already lost deleted his number for the millionth time cuz I felt he was just wasting my time but I ain’t had nobody else to go with me. That was my excuse.

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He comes by the office to pick me up looking like a tasty ass meal and I’m ready to eat but I didn’t act like that. Wanted to be cool but boy was I hungry! My thirst is showing, huh? Yeah. Whatever.


So we go to the concert, I’m looking hella nice in my all black outfit. We get along well. I was drinking but not enough to make me act a fool like the first time we met. We dance, crack jokes, we’re flirting. Oops, on my end we were. I didn’t know you could flirt one way. I’ll explain why later. But I thought we had great chemistry. Have I mentioned that I’d felt like Ten was outta my league from time to time? If I haven’t mentioned then there it is! I have NEVER felt this way about no other negro. I ain’t even lying. I mean, I’m pretty hot myself.

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After the concert, having a great time I’m expecting we’ve sparked something and he gon stop acting like he don’t like me back but child, no. We didn’t leave the concert together which was fine by me but he ain’t even text me in the morning to ask if I got home okay or just to check on me. I’m thinking, damn. Are we really back to acting like this isn’t happening? Remember when I said don’t assume nothing? Yeah, can you remember that?


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