The last part of my short story. I could publish this ish. Soap opera up in here!

Here goes…

Fast forward to last week Friday. I ask to see him after work. Well, my after hours because he was still working. I had had a few shots and well, I should have known that it was a bad idea. Someone actually told me, don’t go see him like this and I was like nah, I got it. It’ll be fine. LOL!



So I get to his office, we’re talking it’s all good. I ask to go to the bathroom and his colleague grabs my butt. I’m there cussing him and asking him not to disrespect me like that then say “You know Ten gon be mad, right?” He says Ten already gave him the permission to do that it’s okay.


So I go to Ten arms in the air like “Your dude just grabbed my butt and he said you cool with it.” He says he did no such thing and I keep insisting so we call little f*ck boy over and he completely denies it. Ten believes him. I’m hurt like, boy whyyyyy???

download (12)


He asks me what is going on with me and I’m just so offended we FINALLY start talking about feelings and stuff. Again, remind me next time to stay away from pretty boys and alcohol. He goes whatchu think this is? “I just wanna be friends. Did I ever flirt with you even once? Did I lead you on?”

(I’m there thinking of all the texts and the things he told me and all this time I’m just thinking b*tch, no!)


So I go when you said, don’t give up what did that mean? And the way you were acting at the concert? Really not sure if this is how it went down. I mean, I was under the influence and I forget stuff…

But honestly, you don’t even have to like me to defend me. Dude, that’s sexual harassment asshole!!

Yeah, I don’t remember what happened after that. I just woke up at home, crying in bed, in my sister’s arms.

There are three lessons to be learned here:

  1. Stay away from pretty boys. They are almost all the same. And by the same I mean “ain’t shit f*ck boys”.
  2. Liquor and confessions? Bad, bad, idea. Girl, DO NOT!
  3. Also, if he’s sending you mixed signals, it’s clear he doesn’t want to f*ck with you the way you want him to. No pun intended.

It goes without saying that we’re not talking anymore, that was too disrespectful from him. He didn’t need to like me to defend me from f*ck boy’s nasty ass and as much as I had a “Karrueche-Chris Brown” like relationship with them before, sometimes you just gotta be done.


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