Do We REALLY Have Celebrities In Kenya? Let’s Be Honest.

According to the Oxford dictionary, a celebrity is a well known person especially in entertainment or sports.


Fame- the state of being known by many people.

Now that we have that out of the way and we are on the same page, let’s start this story.

A few years ago we had a group of young guys here in Kenya called Camp Mulla which had 5 or six members. Forgive me, I’m not really sure of the number. The group broke up and most of the members fell off the face of the earth.

One of those members was Michael AKA Taio Tripper who is a gifted rapper yes, but a celebrity? I’m not so sure about that. So the guy quit school because he was getting too much celebrity treatment because he’s “a star”. Hold on, I need a drink for this. WHAT?

Who actually knows this guy well enough to treat him the way he says he was treated? Any solo projects that have blown our minds? Not that we’ve heard of. At least, I haven’t and that should tell you a lot because I’m in the entertainment business.

Does anyone care that he’s of school? I doubt it. What I wanna know from you is, do we really have Kenyan celebrities or does the meaning of this word vary depending on one’s location on the globe?

I mean, these stars abroad get treated some type of way. Lights and cameras always in your face, say something wrong whether on Twitter or in an interview and a girl like me aaaaalll the way in Africa will hear about it. I mean we’ve got countries that don’t even speak English as an official language following the moves of these stars.

Dress a certain way and you have men and women trying to dress that way too.

Some have even gone as far as spending thousands of dollars to look like their favorite stars. That’s why we have something like Beliebers, right? Because Justin Bieber is a star!


Justin Bieber

We’ve got the BeyHive, who will even bring down the careers of anyone who tries to shame Beyonce (remember what happened to 106 & Park?) Beyonce what up? πŸ™‚



Rihanna Navy stand up! You catch my drift, don’t you?I haven’t seen anything close to what these global superstars go through. Even Kim Kardashian whose claim to fame is something I do not wish to talk about has some kind of “following”. She made this “you can make money off a big butt, being pretty and no known talent” possible. (Kenyan socialites… heeeeeey!)



I haven’t seen anything close to that happen in Kenya. All we got is some blogs trying to blow things out of proportion with some super ridiculous titles used as bait and that’s it. Nobody complains about how overbearing paparazzi can be (wait, do we even have those?) and how difficult it is to move from point A to B without security.

We have some pretty popular people in the country (Sauti Sol are you reading this?) but what amount of popularity classifies one as a celebrity?

Sauti Sol

Sauti Sol

We need to come to some sort of understanding on this. Really.

So that when Taio says he’s too much of a star and school can’t deal with his stardom, I don’t struggle too much to understand his point of view. I mean, damn! Help. Is. Needed.


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