Me and My Selfishness.

Sitting here listening to Worst Behavior by Drake but thinking about Miguel’s Quickie. Matter of fact, I thought they were inappropriate songs for this story but maybe not. Or maybe they’re appropriate inappropriate. Fifty fifty.

Hold up. Let me switch up the music and play Miguel’s song. Be right back. Don’t move. OK?


OK I’m back. Didn’t even take a minute. Aaaaaanyways, today we’re talking about me and my selfishness, right?

“I don’t wanna be loooved, I don’t wanna be looooooved. I just want a quickie, no bite marks, no scratches and no hickeys. If you can get with that mami come get with me…
I don’t wanna be loooved, I don’t wanna be looooooooved”

That’s the chorus. Why appropriate? Sometimes you don’t want any connections. No strings attached, they call it. Why inappropriate, I wanna be loved. Really, I do. I just don’t want the burden of loving someone back. Yeeeeeeeah, there’s the reason this story is called “Me and My Selfishness”.


See I don’t mind someone loving me, or showering me with all the gestures of love there are on this planet. I don’t mind being loved at all. The reciprocation, however, that’s asking too much of me.


Loving someone means that you have to care about them, that you have to be there for them when they’re feeling low and comfort them. That you gotta sound happy when they wanna talk to you on the phone when all you really want is to be left alone. It means that one day you gotta cry yourself to sleep and eat lots of unhealthy food when they finally walk out of your life. Who got the time to fix a broken heart?

Loving someone means being responsible for how you talk to people of the opposite sex. Accountability. You have got to watch what you do so that you don’t annoy your person. Need I emphasize that I don’t mind it when someone does that for me but me for them? How about……NO!
Better yet why worry bout loving someone and then mending a broken heart when you can use that time to party, complain about your job (which you will still get paid for) and dress up to meet your friends?

But wait, is this what they call loneliness?
images (1)   laugh_crying_kristen_bell


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