#FitnessFiendFriday: My Fitness Journey.

Remember me telling you about wanting to be a fitter person this year? That I’ll try as much as I can to have and maintain a workout program? Well, that was taken care of. Enrolled in the gym for a month, stopped because my schedule at work got a little crazy but after gaining all the weight I’d lost back, I decided to find an alternative to the gym. I downloaded this amazing app called “30 Day Fitness Challenge” which looks a little something like this: image There’s different stages, each day with different reps: image image This is the start of the second month, I restarted level one because of unavoidable circumstances but I don’t mind it. I mean, it’s healthy living after all. Then a colleague at work told me about Freeletics. You must have heard of CrossFit if you’re a fitness person. If not, just know that it’s the same program that Rick Ross used to lose a lot of weight! image Freeletics is, I don’t wanna say an easier version of Crossfit because it really isn’t; it’s just as intensive, just as strenuous, just no equipment is used during the workout. That of course means no excuses! They say if you follow it religiously and eat right, guaranteed results in 15 weeks! image I have just gone through Day 1, so hopefully I’ll be able to show you progress photos in a few weeks, maybe 4,8 and 15. We’ll figure something out as time goes by and as I get used to the workouts. Day 1 (July 28th) was such as struggle. I only managed to get through round 1. The next day I willed myself to get through all three rounds and as sore as my body is right now, I know the body I want is on the other side of not giving up. I have to stay strong! If you’re working out and you’re a beginner, like every other thing it gets harder before it gets easier. The body/ weight you want won’t come to you. You’ve got to WORK for it. And oh, the only way to ease the pain you feel the next day after an intense workout is to go back to the gym or keep training. Trust me.☺


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  1. raekiragu says:

    Love it!! So inspirational … ‘The body I want is on the other side of NOT giving up’ 😊 Nice!

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