#RubysThoughtfulTuesdays: Reflections

It’s a brand new month. September 1st 2015, 0912 hrs EAT. Heading to work. Late. Bummer. That’s really not a good look but I have a great excuse for it. However, that’s a story for another day.

Anyway, brand new month, 2015 is about to end. Am I ready for that? Have I made any significant progress with my resolutions thus far?

Fitness: I can tell you for sure that my fitness goals WILL be achieved by the end of the year. I already have two abs and when I flex my stomach muscles I can see the rest of my six pack, so I’m good😂😂 (catch the rest of my fitness progress on #FitnessFiendFridays right here)


 (I already completed this 30 day workout and I began level 2, Day 1 today, September 1st)

Religion: As for my relationship with God, working on that still. In some ways I’m not really over my grandma’s passing, haven’t made peace with that and I keep asking questions. I know He’s a great being, I just need to know how to move on from there, one year down the line.


Relationships? You already know that I said I’m not really about that right now. So yes, still single, no pregnancies (thank you Jesus!), no diseases, none of that. Doing great in this sector if you ask me. Yeah, sometimes I’ve wished I had someone but that’s usually short lived.

Career? What can I say? So far so good I guess.
Radio: After my co-host and I stopped hosting HHC my first show ever, after a while we got another show, Yo List, filler show that I thought I could grow but unfortunately not. But no tears shed… At least not anymore. I did what I could. That’s all that matters.

I’m currently in the digital department, handling features on the website hbr.co.ke and doing entertainment & lifestyle bulletins live on air. It’s going well, I guess. Recording bulletins really kicks my ass but we’re getting there somehow.

Industry Nite: This is an event where Kenyans converge at Galileo Lounge in Nairobi to enjoy a night of Kenyan music and support local acts at no fee at all. Here, I conduct interviews with performing artists and guests.
I have my shortcomings, sometimes I get so caught up with work (radio) that I forget to read up on these artists and I end up asking ignorant questions (just once BTW. Hi Ndegz!😂😂😂😂)
1440788654441 (Hosting at the last edition of Industry Nite about a week ago…)

Anyway I think my interviewing skills have been polished up a great deal since I started. Mind you I never saw myself in front of a camera so I’d say I’m doing well but could get so much better.

#TheDisclozureWithRuby: 10 minutes max video vlogs with personalities where I ask them five of the most random questions there are in this world. The general idea of this show was just to show “regular” people that their fave celebs, stars, people they look up to are just “normal” people like you and me.
Had stopped shooting for a while but I’m back at it so expect new episodes every other week. If you have anyone in mind I should put on the hot seat feel free to reach me on Twitter. I’d be glad to look into that😃.

With that being said, I’d say my performance so far is average. Average isn’t good. It should be great! So I’m gonna channel all the energy I have and make sure that the rest of the year ends on an even higher note than last year’s, with even greater achievements.


So help me God.

(Finished writing this at 0936 hrs)


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