#FitnessFiendFriday: My Fitness Journey… Continues?

It’s been a minute since I updated you on my progress with fitness. Since the last time we talked, I finished level one of Push Ups and Body Weight Exercises. Now on level two, but stalled.

Yes, I’m ashamed believe me… A little. Lol.

Since that last time I’ve gone on leave, took a little trip down to the coast and for those two weeks I was away from work I barely worked out. Not barely, I didn’t. I packed up a couple calories because also, the amount of beer drunk was plenty!

Since then I’ve really struggled with getting back on that fitness journey and I feel like I’ve added a kilo or two. I wanna tell myself that it’s just water weight and it’s all in my head and maybe it is, but I’m not gonna take any chances and get on a weighing scale. No child, I’m not in the mood for any shocks.

Good thing though, I’m getting back to it tomorrow, Saturday October 17th and I’m adding a morning jog to it. I really hate running, it kills me but if I’m going to speed up my weight loss and have a bikini bod ready for December, it has to be done. Plus running speeds up the whole process and is good for the body. Makes your heart beat faster so blood flows to every part of the body. For that, I’m going to do it.


I’ll start slow, then build up as my body gets used to it and as I get fitter. I’ll be sure to keep you updated and hopefully maybe you could add something to your fitness program that you hate, maybe or that you’re afraid to try out.



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