My One on One Interview With Muthoni Drummer Queen

I first met Muthoni Drummer Queen, Kenyan rapper, singer, songwriter and all round boss lady as she describes herself, when I started handling Industry Nite interviews. Properly met her. Before that, I’d briefly ran into her at the Hip Hop edition of Blankets and Wine. Hip Hop Culture, the show I was handling then had a stage for Hip Hop Karaoke. We had more than enough fun there; my first Blankets and Wine. That’s a story for another day.

Back to meeting MDQ properly. Yes, Industry Nite. She was actually the first person I EVER interviewed under Industry Nite. It was a long and intensive interview. I had done my research so I knew all the right things to ask and although I can’t really say what happened to the footage, at the end of the interview I felt like I’d made a friend. Well, you get what I mean.

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago when she came to our offices. Systems were down so the interview she was supposed to have on air couldn’t be conducted and I was asked, as part of the entertainment desk, to ask her a couple questions in the recording studio. Long story short, blessing in disguise.

Muthoni had so much fire that day and she dropped so many gems she had me feeling like I could open my own radio station then. Well, not in a literal sense but she reminded my why I do what I do. We had a long conversation both on and off the record and to be quite honest, she inspired a couple features coming soon to your stereo. Can’t say what they are right now but if you’re a lover of Hip Hop, you’re going to have so much fun.

During that interview, which lasted almost an hour (with a couple interruptions here and there) she talks, in depth, about her new single Turn On The Lights featuring Khaligraph Jones and Nigerian rapper M.I.

She also emphasizes the need for originality and shares some wise words that not only artists could use, but also you who’s in your office, or the classroom, or wherever. You get the idea.

Muthoni expoundes on what an artist really is, or as we like to call them in Kenya “msanii”. She talks collaborations and if you’ve listened to her music then you already know she has massive collaborations with Wyclef Jean, Khuli Chana (SA), MI (Nigeria) just to name but a few.

She talks the state of Kenyan Hip Hop and the Kenyan music industry in general, talking about why our music isn’t really crossing borders. On female rappers, who we name one by one, she talks about who does it for her and who should do better.

And of course, having worked with both Khaligraph and Octopizzo, I had to ask what she thought about the Octopizzo situation. You know, him lying about the collaboration with August Alsina. She also talks Khaligraph’s mind state and his accent, something that most Kenyans have bashed him for because he grew up in the ghetto.

Throughout part one and two, Muthoni drops gems, something that you could apply in your life generally whether you’re an artist or not.

Hope you get something from this interview and it gives you some new motivation to keep at it (hopefully it’s something positive)… Or it reminds you why you do what you do, just in case you’d somehow forgotten.

I suggest you get comfortable, grab pen and paper and press play!


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  1. Nellius says:

    Great interview

    1. Thank you for making time to read it! 😃

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