#RandomRidiculousness with Vanessa Mdee.

Vanessa, Best Female Artist in East Africa judging by her win at the just concluded AFRIMMA.

When I met her I remember being stunned by her beauty and her petite body. She’s easy going, fun and she handled my random questions with so much ease. Probably from her being an MTV VJ and the fact that she’d maybe asked ridiculous questions just like me.

Vanessa is a singer who put her career as an MTV VJ on hold so she could focus on music. To be quite honest I wanted to have a long conversation with her, off the record, about being a VJ (cuz this is something I’d really wanna get into) but she had such a busy schedule (Kenyan media tour) she couldn’t stay. Maybe next time.

I did however, get to ask her 5 completely random questions including if she could have sex with someone and have nobody find out who it would be. Interesting answer.

P.S. Vanessa if you’re reading this, your outro here is what gave birth to Random Ridiculousness and I’m having way to much fun putting people on the spot with weird questions. Thank you!😃


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