My “Ne-Yo Experience”.

I know this was a while back but hey, it’s still a story. I was stuck in traffic so I decided to go through my phone gallery, looking at all the madness I’ve been through lately then I saw these pics and thought *snaps finger* next story.
(Why didn’t I write this sooner though? Take this as a Throwback Tuesday lol)

Being part of the entertainment desk at Homeboyz Radio, let’s just say it’s my job to know what is happening to who and if I put in a little extra, why.

Coke Studio Africa season three was being shot and there had been rumors that Kendrick Lamar was going to be coming in for the finale because John Legend was too busy. I was stoked! Kendrick Lamar, John Legend, I was ready for whoever.

But as we came to find out later officially, it was Ne-Yo. We try to maintain composure on air but that day everything wasn’t working in my brain. The excitement in my voice was so evident even I could tell just by listening to myself. I knew for sure that I’d have to either go see the live performance or for the meet and greet. Ain’t no way Ne-Yo could be around here and I wouldn’t have gone to see him. How is that even possible?

Unfortunately, I missed the chance to go for the press conference or the live shoot and that’s okay because I went to the meet and greet at Sankara, Westlands.

Almost every popular person was there. I didn’t even know I was going to get the card until that morning so let’s just say I was a little underdressed. Who am I kidding? A little? I’m just trying to make light of how underdressed I felt.

However, there’s no self consciousness an open bar (and a really friendly waiter) can’t cure. Lol. Believe dat! A few glasses in, I’m feeling myself, dancing to the music and taking some selfies with some of these stars.





Then they finally announce that the man of the hour, the superstar (of superstars in this case) was in the building!


I had sat away from the stage but I had one mission and one mission only that day. To see Ne-Yo and smell him. What?? I’m being honest because we’re friends. Don’t judge me! And yes, in case you’re wondering, boy does he smell goooood. Oh man!

Anyway, back to the topic. So yes, they announce Ne-Yo is here and I think I bolted to the front, right next to the stage so I could get a clear look at the man. My height doesn’t allow me the luxury of being at the back. You know?

He walks in and I’m freaking out! “Oh my God, it’s really him. I’m really here, wow!” You know how (we) girls are. The whole time my camera was focused on him. I was there for Ne-Yo anyway, right?

IMG_20150819_222707    IMG_20150819_222600 IMG_20150819_222327 IMG_20150819_222611

So that night ended with him rubbing my cheeks (he has soft hands and I’m talking about the cheeks on my face, thanks) and guys taking some selfies with him, which I came to find out about the next day.

Going through people’s social media accounts and questions like, “You didn’t take a selfie with Ne-Yo? What were you there for?” had me feeling so depressed.

And that’s when I realized half of Nairobi had taken a selfie with Ne-Yo and I had failed in life. So sad.


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