My One on One Interview With Gramps Morgan.

I remember growing up to reggae music. Sometimes I’d come home to my mother blasting some Lucky Dube and I particularly remember “Prisoner” was one of her fave jams back then. We’d play it and replay and replay till I knew all the lyrics.

Then as a teenager my uncle (mum’s youngest bro) introduced me to some tracks as well. Way before most people who now probably know me as a Hip Hop head, I was empress Ruby (Mpress to be more specific. Yeah, swag lol)

I remember having the lyrics to Morgan Heritage’s Don’t Haffi Dread but not knowing what song it was until I think I heard it on TV or radio, can’t exactly recall and running to get the paper so I could sing along. Long story short, that was the day I fell in love with Morgan Heritage. Whether they were all working on their solo projects or as a team, I was hooked.

So loving them as much as I did, you can imagine how my encounter with Gramps Morgan was. To be quite honest, I was star struck but the one thing we’re taught when we get to radio is, you have a job to do. Can’t be acting like someone is a star. Yes, they are but you have a JOB to do!

I introduced myself to Gramps, who for some strange reason, I expected to be short. Don’t ask. He isn’t and I felt very intimidated by his presence so forgive the shakiness for the first few minutes of this interview I was still trying to compose myself.

Anyway, we had a long conversation from what he thinks of Kenya (and him admitting that he actually wants citizenship) to afro beats and taking some dance classes… Yo, can you imagine Gramps dancing? I couldn’t. That cracked me up.

I bet you didn’t know that Gramps Morgan is actually a radio presenter and a DJ. Yeah, we talk about that too. We also discuss his fave reggae artists and if you think he obviously says Bob Marley you’re dead wrong.

And of course, having a son who is trying his hand at this music thing, how much of a stage dad he is. You can imagine the pressure Jemere (21) faces because Morgan Heritage is literally reggae royalty, you know?

Oh Gramps also talks about how Bob Marley’s music wasn’t played in Jamaica for a while. Yep, thee Bob Marley. One and only.

You could learn a thing or two from this interview so why don’t you have a quick listen?

Let me know what you think in the comment section below. Enjoy!


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  1. This is amazing I interviewed his brothers Mojo and Peetah amazing family!

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