My One on One Interview With C2K!

Baba While You Were Away, Lupita, Mike Sonko, Post To Know, Bembeleza and very soon, Kidero Grass. Those are the tracks under C2K’s belt that you probably know. He’s always with the trends as you can see.

It’s hard to believe that C2K and I actually met this year. We’re so familiar with each other now I actually thought we’d been friends for a while.

C2K is also one of the fresh cats this year under Freshmen 2015. He says that he first heard of Freshmen while he was still in Capetown, South Africa, back when he was still “playin” with rap and he wished that one day he could make the list. At least we can say that dreams do come true now.

We talk about Mixtape Casanova, a tape he started working on in South Africa, a project that’s still underway. He says that he had recorded 97 tracks  but only three made the cut, the rest? Trashed and he drops some gems while he explains why this is so.
The tape he says, will be out sometime next year with around 16 tracks; something consumer friendly.

We also discuss the current Freshmen class, his audience and the message in his music.

On Who Is King, he explains why Rabbit and Khali are “bossing” for him as opposed to Octopizzo and Juliani.

This particular interview, to me, was with a light touch. I’m pretty sure you’ll have a lot of fun listening to this; just as much as I had hosting it.

Reach C2K via:

Twitter: @C2K_music
Facebook: C2K
Instagram: @c2k_music
You Tube: C2K Music
SoundCloud: C2K Music



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