My One on One Interview With Timmy Tim.

This rapper right here is a third of Cr3w Teflon and also one of the Freshmen this year.

If it’s bars you want, Timmy Tim got you. I mean, how else would he be part of the Freshmen, right? I got to meet Timmy Tim (it’s really hard to call him Timmy or just Tim. These names need each other lol)… so yeah, I met him earlier this year right after the Freshmen had been announced. He’d come by the studio to do some recordings that would later run on air about why he thought he made the list and I said, just so that the listeners could have a sneak peek of what he’s got, why not drop a couple bars as well? Lawd!! He kept going and going and I didn’t wanna stop him cuz it sounded soooo good but I had to. It was supposed to be a sneak peek, not an entire song. Lol.

Curiosity, they say, killed the cat but I’d like to think in this case, it made me wanna get to know this artist a little bit better. Where did he grow up? What musical influences from the 254 has he taken into his music? What position does he think he plays in Cr3w Teflon?

Oh and going through their You Tube channel I noticed that a song, Kilimaniz Bars, had been released under Island Def Jam so I obviously had to ask about that. He clarifies matters and says that it was a different song, Children’s Anthem, not the one indicated.

I kid you not when I say that every record I know Timmy Tim on, he goes hard as a MF. Excuse my language. So does he have heartfelt music? We talk about that as well.

Who does he think has got some serious bars in the game right now?

Only way you’re going to find out all this and more, is if you press play.

Find Timmy Tim on social media:

Twitter: @BoyTimmyTim
Facebook: Cr3w Teflon
Instagram: @boytimmytim
You Tube: Cr3w Teflon
SoundCloud: Cr3W Teflon


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