My One on One Interview With Shukid

If you really love yourself some KE Hip Hop, the name Shukid should be familiar to you. If not, you about to find out what the fuss is all about!

I’d have to say the first time I ever saw Shukid rap was on a cypher way back in around 2011/2012… Here I am at the crib with my friends, a fan of Hip Hop but a believer that nobody in Kenya was actually doing it. Then my best friend (God bless her) told me there’s something she wanted me to see. Kenyan rappers that sounded good.
When Shukid came on me and my girl were like “eh… Sauti iko tu sawa” (that voice is just right)… After I was done being basic, lol, I went back and listened to that cypher over and over again.

Faves, in no particular order, Oksyde (who I thought was Tanzanian for the longest time ever), Khaligraph Jones, Ace Tha Don, Shukid…

Fast forward to 2015 and Shukid is chosen to be part of JumpOff Freshmen class… Oh snap! Just realized that all my faves from that cypher made it to the Freshmen. Taste in music? I got that, you know it!
Anyway, I drift. So he’s part of the freshmen 2015 but I knew he was dope from way back when… He deserved it, only I felt, sooner but you see the thing with timing, it works it’s own magic.

I get to kick it with him a couple times, get exposed to his music a little more. Exposed in a way that I had to pay attention. I mean, this guy is releasing music every week, it’s kinda hard to miss that.

So yeah, I call him in for an interview so I could pick his brain a little more and I’m glad I did.

We talk about all things Hip Hop, from his project Too Much To Offer where he drops music every week, his relationship with previous freshmen Ace Tha Don, Poppa Don and Jinx who he’s already worked with, what musical influences he’s brought into his music (especially because his stuff doesn’t sound “Kenyan” excuse me), his background, when and why he decided to do rap, his label ID37 and a whole lot more. And of course, I had to ask him his thoughts on this Who Is King debate. Uh oh, did someone say Twitter fingers?

I guarantee that you will get to know Shukid a little bit better after this interview and if you ain’t with it already, you’ll check out his music.

His pages:

Twitter: @KingShukid254
Facebook: Shukid King
SoundCloud: Shukid
You Tube: Shukid Kingofea
Instagram: kingshukid



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