My One on One Interview With Alex Red

To be completely honest with you, I can’t say that I knew Alex Red before The JumpOff Freshmen class of 2015 was announced. I didn’t even know OF him. We went through some of the music he’d submitted to join the class and that’s how I knew the brutha.

Alex crosses me as awfully quiet and I feel like he really is, only that when mics go on he’s ready to speak his piece. Before the conversation I had with him in depth, I could still say that I vaguely knew him but after that, I got to know him a little bit better.

His CV reads rapper, producer and designer. Yep, he has a clothing line called Disturbing Africa.

I was quite curious about why he’d been awfully quiet after the Freshmen class was announced and as it turns out, he “saw the light” and had to go back to the drawing board to rethink all his work. No, he’s not a “gospel” artist, which he says, is a lifestyle not a genre of music. That makes sense. He does have a mixtape that’s already done set to drop in December, 10 tracks and just one feature. No names as yet, there’s something he needs to finalize on before he gives us the official name.

He says that he does share a lot of respect for Timmy Tim and Shukid (also Freshmen 2015) as artists.

As a producer, Alex Red produces all the beats he works on. He’s not so much into producing beats for others and that’s because he always has a specific vision (and/or idea) for the beats he makes in terms of the flow and lyrics.

As a designer, he has specialized in Hip Hop/street wear for his line, Disturbing Africa. He’s in partnership with Jumia which reaches approx. 650 million consumers. Hopefully Africa buys his merch, he says.

This conversation with Alex Red was quite different but interesting all the same. He speaks on faith, religion and Hip Hop so listen below. 🙂

How to reach him on social media? That’s easy:

Twitter: @AlexRedRIOT
Instagram: @africanjetli
SoundCloud: Alex R.E.D.




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