My One on One Interview With AD Family

Trap music? AD Family got you on that. The rap crew of 3 members; Musau Smallz, Boutross and K Green came by the studio to have a little chat with yours truly and after listening to the final edit, I didn’t realize I had this much fun with them.

K Green and Boutross are part of The JumpOff Freshmen this year.

I first got to watch K Green and Boutross perform individually at the Industry Nite every Freshman performed at. Like Alex Red, I had never heard OF them but after Boutross got off stage (and I think he ended that set with “I’m high as f__”) the first thing I thought was, “Oh I got some new music to turn up to”. Haaaaa *French Montana voice*

In this interview, we talk about the meaning of ADF, how many members there are and their roles, their style of music since they mostly have ‘trap tracks’, their connection with Octopizzo (noticed that he’d hosted a couple of their videos), what their expectations for themselves; both individually and as a crew are and a whole lot more.

Oh, ADF represents for all the people who love to do what Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg  and Rihanna do, just to throw that in there, if you catch my drift. So are their folks okay with them being at the front of promoting trees (Team Stoner)? Well, we talk about that too.

I really had a lot of fun with these guys. Kinda hard to control a lot of madness in one room (lol) but I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

Connect with AD Family:

Twitter : Alliance Domini

SoundCloud: AD Family

You Tube: Alliance Domini Family



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