It’s The King Mixtape by Rabbit Review.

Hey, I know I know, it’s been such a long time since I last posted on here, right? Whether I’m talking about my encounters (should I call them that?) with love, or my drama with the pretty boy or since late last year, sharing exclusive (and extensive) interviews with some of KE dopest artists. Well, worry no more because Ruby is back!

So to kick start the year I thought, wouldn’t it be a great idea if I started reviewing albums or mixtapes on my blog? I kinda regret not doing this last year because many artists released their projects but I’m pretty sure there’s enough time for me to recover this year. I mean, it’s only February, right?

Rabbit Kaka Sungura Errm King Kaka dropped It’s The King Mixtape about two or three weeks ago.

It was a very clever and strategic move especially because nobody saw it coming. In an interview with The JumpOff on Homeboyz Radio, Rabbit said that not even his team was aware that the tape was dropping.

Why a nice move? Well, he dropped the tape just before the Who is King concert went down at Alliance Francaise (you already know what that concert was all about. If not, Google is your friend) AFTER he pulled out from the event. (He did say that he wasn’t supposed to be involved from the start but… discussion for another day. If ever.)

It may have been a statement, him boldly and clearly saying that he didn’t need to prove that he has bars at the concert but hey, if you badly wanted those bars, here you go! I’m not going to hate on the man though, the Who Is King concert was still amazing either way… and his tape had me rewinding quite a couple tracks so I’d say for a music lover like me, it was a win-win.

Let’s get to it. It’s The King Review.

I listened to the tape about a week agoooooo *Shmoney Dance* (that’ll never get old to me). It has 17 tracks and I’d have to say that some of my fave tracks are:

Rusha (featuring Navio and Jay Moe), 100 (oh Kash, the rapper who says he has beef with Rabbit cuz he (Rabbit) apparently stole his flow also has a track called Kioo (One Hundred) that has this “keep it 100” idea)

Loved Ule Msee because of how singable it is.He’s bragging about being that guy who gets into the VIP section to find a table reserved for him ETC.

Nothing  much I can say about this record.

Hatutoki is also one of my faves off this tape. On this one he’s just talking about how he will party all night with his crew cuz “hatutoki“. Your typical pary track; girls, booze and maybe casual sex for the night? A little birdie told me that Rabbit doesn’t drink though. I can’t say. Sijui.

Mama. Initially I thought that Rabbit was singing on it but that’s not him. The featured artist is 3HM. Mama is an emotional track, Rabbit talks about his childhood, with more praise and reference to his mother. He speaks about growing up in separate homes, with the weekdays at his moms and the weekends at his pops until he passed away when he was in Std. 7. The emotion in this song does it for me. What can I say? I’m an emotional girl yo.

And then there was a track that when I first heard, I immediately remembered J. Cole’s Wet Dreamz. I can compare the two here because love em or hate em (either of them) they are great story tellers. Let’s give them that. (If you have a track you relate to as much on this tape, please drop me the name. I can’t remember)

And of course, Kionjo had to make the list. This was his response to the Who Is King hullabaloo. My opinion on it was and still is, he came hard because a couple people (even MDQ herself) said that he’d “dumbed” down his lyrics to a point where he really wasn’t giving anything to the people.

All in all, I loved the tape. It was easy on the ears and Rabbit actually rapped. The production was off the chains and that it came from outta nowhere, I appreciate the thought and hard work that was put into it. Then when it comes to marketing he walked the streets of Nairobi selling the tape and taking pictures with fans so him being “available” to the fans, he definitely wins, hands down.

The whole tape generally was a statement from Rabbit. I can still rap, doesn’t matter if I have a track called “Ugali”.

I just hope that he stays this way. Please


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