Octopizzo Says Hip Hop Is Dead In Kenya. Based On What, Exactly?

Octopizzo says Hip Hop is dead in Kenya and he’s the only dope rapper out here, calling the rest “weak ass rappers”.

First things first, Nas said it first all the way in 2006. For Octo to say the same thing, as a creative, he scores no points for originality. Let’s just get that out of the way.

Then, what is he basing his argument on? Why does he think he’s the only rapper who’s making an impact as far as Kenyan Hip Hop is concerned? Yes, I know, Hip Hop is a game of egos but to say that he’s the dopest out here is a bit ignorant. What is(n’t) he listening to?

He refused to participate in the Who Is King concert because he said that him being King or the next guy isn’t promoting the culture. It’s not adding any value to the next generation of upcoming rappers then he comes back and says this. Doesn’t him making such remarks contradict his initial statement? Motive? Purpose? Whatever you wanna call it.

Octo said that people are releasing projects with 20 songs that nobody knows. He released his album LDPC last year. Can he honestly say that fans of Hip Hop know all the tracks on it and can sing along to every word? If he can, how did he reach this conclusion? Did he do a survey of some sorts?

He then disses these rappers with videos that may not be as good as his. Could be problems with the budget, the equipment that isn’t as great, lack of technical know-how… Instead of applauding these acts and encouraging them because they are trying to promote this Hip Hop he’s calling “dead”, he wants to shun and fail to acknowledge them or their efforts. How is the culture supposed to progress with this? Better yet, how is Hip Hop culture progressing because of what he said? Octopizzo wants to say he’s the best of the best out here but what exactly has he done in the 8 years he’s been in the game that will make him go down in KE Hip Hop history as one of the greats? A collaboration with August Alsina? (Lol. I’m sorry. Low blow. Even for me)

Kanye, during one of the phases of his “Twitter drama”, said something I agree with.



There’s really no way that this game is a one man show as he’d like to claim.

I understand that this may be (is) a marketing strategy. He said all these things knowing that we’d talk about him cuz he goes on to say that he’s dropping something on Mar 8th. After these outrageous remarks, anything he drops now will definitely catch people’s attention; whether they are fans of his or not. People will want to know what content he has in whatever it is. Be it a mixtape, an album (since albums from out the blue seem to be a thing) or a song… I’d be curious to see. For sure. Let me speak for myself.

This will, of course, have his name in people’s mouths still. If it’s good, yes, Octopizzo is the SI unit of dopeness. Did you see what he did? If it’s whack, we’ll still talk about it. How can Octo say he’s the dopest out here when his song (mixtape, album etc) wasn’t even dope? Either way he wins because to pass your judgement, and I use this term loosely, you have to check out his next release.

As much as I understand that it’s strategic, I still have to ask… isn’t there any better way to do it? No, seriously.

Hip Hop can’t be dead in Kenya. Even beyond these “weak ass rappers”, what does that say about DJs dedicated to promoting Kenyan Hip Hop? The fans? Promoters? Do you catch my drift? The culture is waaaaay bigger than the artists, the fans, DJs, whoever it is that wants to associate themselves with it.

I’m just gonna take a brief moment to appreciate Kayvo KForce for letting Octo know that Hip Hop is on the rise in KE, despite what he said. I follow the conversations online. Some of you rappers wanna act like Octo didn’t insult (let’s call it diss) your craft. Some wanna catch feelings on Twitter. Every rapper thinks they’re the dopest. That’s a cool story but honestly speaking from where I am, I don’t think Octopizzo is the greatest Kenyan Hip Hop act that ever lived. He’s doing his thing yes, he’s got many fans, I’m sure, he’s probably making a ton of money off it, yes, but the SI unit of dopeness? Come on!

So if you were offended as an artist, the way I see it, this could go either of two ways; call him out for what he said and speak up for this culture you claim to love or stay working on your craft and prove him wrong. Progress the Hip Hop culture, be better than average. Don’t make excuses for mediocrity. Make history.

I write this as a fan of KE Hip Hop and the culture as a whole, as a person who appreciates what these new cats are trying to do and who respects what the ones before them did (and/or continue to do).

That’s all there is here.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. kritik says:

    I love Kenyan hip hop to the core coz i can relate to whateva our artists speak out.As 4 octo,let him prove himself,he no longer goes 4 freestyles neither do i hear him spit on radio stations,all he can say is,’hamuezi fika bei ya freestyle’.Akwende,after all,bado ako chini,he’s gat tha same flow.pereka uko!!!!
    Kenya will leave a mark in this field.watch us.

  2. samuel geno says:

    Leave octo alone!

  3. AG says:

    octo ni mnoma…mnafaa mkubali hiyo kwanza…. bt he aint close to greatness
    …neither k.jones nor rabbit ama kayvo ama nani….no one is the s.i unit of dopeness…bt shout out to all em rappers….as per me they all doing their job to their level best…bt octopizzo is jus on some other level

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