“BUDS”Mixtape by AD Family Review

The very first time I heard of (and came to know ) Alliance Domini Family was last year when they were chosen as part of The JumpOff Freshmen 2015. They presented the fun, trap, or as they like to call it, SHrap (Sheng and Trap) side of rap/ Hip Hop. If you missed that profile on them, click here and get to find out just who they are.

This mixtape, BUDS, is the latest project out of the ADF camp, hosted by Mawinch (who is their DJ) and it’s been a long time coming quite honestly. Muss, who they say is ‘the guy who runs everything’, has been talking to me about this project since late last year but at least it’s finally here.

BUDS has seven tracks on it including Trappin Malindi, a record that was released sometime last year and which we had talked about in their interview. When I got this project, I listened to random tracks and here’s my review!

Work For It is a track that praises this chic who, from my understanding, is a dancer 😉 but she only does it because she’s tryna put a meal on the table for her boy? This is a record where Boutross’ combines singing and rapping. It had a few hiccups when listening to this record. At the time of writing this I’m  not sure if it’s diction or just incomprehensible lyrics.

Muss sent me the link to the “Piss Me Off (Freestyle)” video. When I saw “freestyle” I thought that it was something different. I’m so used to having trap records from ADF so I thought this was away from that. Well they did say that they have some “deep, J. Cole typa songs” coming so that’s what I was hoping for. A few seconds into the song I started thinking oh so this is another “normal” jam huh?  Like any other trap record, I’m not gonna say that this song was content or lyric heavy.

Muss says something is coming so I’mma just be here chilling.


Next record, Animal by Mawinch and Boutross featuring Dope I Mean.

Side note: How cool is it that an artist has such a name? Dope I Mean could be “I’m so dope and mean (on the mic)”. That’s just me overthinking.

A rap mixtape or album is definitely incomplete without a self-praise track. You know that, right? That’s exactly what this record is. “I’m top of the food chain…” Boutross starts it off. “Damn wish I had a clone, wouldn’t have to do sh** all on my own…” raps Dope I Mean. I actually like this record (but what’s with the abrupt ending?)

Brown Paper is simply put, a stripper jam. I don’t know if I can put it any other way (or if there is need to). “She gone shake it for some brown papers, on the pole blowing loud n*”. Need I say more?

In No More, which sounds like it has different efforts on it, the rappers are basically talking to their moms, saying that they’re working real hard so that she doesn’t have to stress about work anymore and so that she can live good.

At the end of it I do hear a reference to a woman so I guess it’s a track dedicated to moms and the woman.

I didn’t understand the Outro. Heard a couple Bible references and that’s all I can say about it.

BUDS is basically a trap mixtape like any other you’d expect. There’s that loud (if you know what I mean), girls, booze and are you down for a party? That’s most of what you can expect from it. It took me a minute to write this review because to be quite honest trap isn’t my go-to sub genre of Hip Hop. If I can call that. Even Future’s projects don’t excite me as much as they would you. I do enjoy a track here and there every once in a while, don’t get me wrong.

Also most beats on this tape were from The Martians. Why? Local producers not good enough with trap beats?

Side Note: That album art could have been so much better. If I saw that on a physical CD I’d probably  not buy it.



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