My Current Rap Obsession Should Be Yours Too!

I’d been debating and arguing with myself about writing this piece but after someone referenced me to M. I’s tweet on this I was like that’s it! This is going to be written.


I first heard of Nasty C from friends who told me to check out his Juice Back remix featuring Davido and Cassper. Out of curiosity,  I started with the original track (which I loved) then moved on to the remix. To be quite honest I couldn’t wait for Davido and Cassper to be done so that he could rap and my was he AMAZING!!! Lord Father. As I was watching that I Googled his age cuz I thought he was much older,  maybe Cassper’s age (25)? The shock I got!

Born David Junior in 1997, Nasty C is a South African rapper, song writer and according to Wikipedia, record producer as well. His rap journey began with a video of him rapping “Juice Back” shirtless, with his 11 year-old brother behind the camera.

From the Juice Back remix  I just got completely curious about this gifted rapper and wanted to know more about him. Yeah,  he became my rap obsession. Watched his interviews,  listened to his previous project, a mixtape called Price City from start to finish (fave tracks on are IV FOUR and Hallelujah). Price City was released in 2015.

Nasty C looked up to AKA. Not sure if he’s still does but his dream of meeting AKA came true when, at just 16 years of age, he got to open for him in Durban for his Altar Ego tour. AKA was apparently meant to be in his corner by signing him after the release of his second album, Levels but this never got to happen.

Cassper filled that void and stamped Nasty C’s skills by jumping on the Juice Back remix and Jump, a collaborative effort that included Anatii as well.

He’s working on a couple more singles (a few are already out)  and based on one of the interviews I watched an album could be coming. I cannot wait for that!!

SA Hip Hop seems to be having a good run. The industry down south is generally organized ( tho I’m sure they have  their struggles). Young cats like Nasty C have OGs like Cassper in their corner which means that they’re bound to be successful if they put in work, of course. You know Cassper has been doing it. Whether you want to admit it, acknowledge his raps skills or not.

I’m looking forward to more from Nasty. May his star not burn out anytime soon.

“In the city where everything got a price; survival of the best, it don’t cut it if you just kinda nice”~ Nasty C, IV FOUR


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  1. robert says:

    nice piece kudos

  2. Louie says:

    Reblogged this on louiemusic and commented:
    Am a huge fun of this kid, amazing lyrics and delivery he has

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