#ID37Music Artists Gear Up For A Hip Hop Event Dubbed #ItsAboutTime

What up Hip Hop lovers! I’ve got a plan for you for the second of July, which is the first Saturday after pay day for most so I’m not going to be accepting any excuse if you don’t come through lol. Entry is Kshs. 500 and gates open at 8 p.m. till late.

What’s It’s About Time all bout?

So a bunch of up and coming rappers put their heads together and decided that it was about time (didn’t even do this intentionally lol) they showed the world what they got through LIVE performances and that’s really all this gig is about. These rappers are determined to make it and all they need is your support!

On the lineup amongst other talented artists are Shukid and Kevin Grands, founders and recording artists under ID37 Music.



Promo Shu

Shukid has released hits that have featured on and topped charts hits on two of the most influential urban radio stations. Capital FM’s Hits Not Homework countdown and The Power Hour Countdown on The JumpOff, Homeboyz Radio. These hits are One Day (featuring fellow rappers Jinx and Ace Tha Don)

Say What You Want (SWYW)

and Ungenipenda (a sample of Zilizopendwa; Original Marquis Original’s Karubandika).


 Kevin Grands


Kevin Grands, a Hip Hop/rap artist, music producer and mix engineer is also a founding member. Besides producing most of his music, he has also worked with Ace Tha Don (also set to perform), who’s latest track Light Work (produced by Kevin Grands) topped Capital FM’S Hits Not Homework Top 9 at 9.

As a rapper, he draws sounds from modern day Hip Hop sounds. His hit No Company was number one on Top 9 at 9 for three consecutive weeks.


Connect With Kevin Grands and Shukid on social media via:

Facebook Logo Kevin Grands/ Shukid

instagramlogo.jpgkevin.grands/ kingshukid

Twitter logoKevinGrands/ KingShukid254

See the full It’s About Time lineup below:

Line Up


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