#RubysFeatureFridays #RFF: SHUKID

Who is Shukid?

Shukid is what I call an urban Hip Hop artist (as opposed to “English” rapper) from Nairobi, Kenya and yes, just like you, I didn’t know that his name actually means Shujaa Kid… a name that he coined while growing up abroad after asking his parents what word in Swahili means brave or strong.

Having been in Kenya for about a decade, Shukid has made some strides for himself as a rapper, from having his song One Day get to the top of the countdowns on both Homeboyz Radio’s The JumpOff (Mon- Th 7-10 p.m.) and Capital FM’s Hits Not Homework (Mon-Fr 7-10 p.m.) and also being named one of The JumpOff Freshmen in 2015.

He has been releasing music under the independent label, ID37, of which he is also a founding member alongside Kevin Grands.

You can find more of his music on YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/user/TheShukid

As the first edition of #RubysFeatureFridays or if you like, #RFF I caught up with him to talk about the track Psykotic, his latest release and also, as always, give an opinion on it!
About Psykotic…

Psykotic was released on Tuesday (Sept. 6th) and features Rosa (Flag 42). From Shukid’s own account, Psykotic is a track that talks about relationships with people that you “seem to need in your life”; people that drive you crazy yet you can’t walk away from.

“The track is actually a real account and I believe we can all relate to this kind of situation. When you love someone you tend to have the ability to turn a blind eye to some things. I start by saying, “We ain’t got to be together, but we could never be apart…” It could be a sibling, friend, lover…in this case I spoke of a lover. The choice to walk away from these people is very much there, but the ability to isn’t.”

On Psykotic’s producer:

Sir Chah is the producer behind the record, at Urban Scorch. Yes I do have an indie label and an executive producer who has been and still is responsible for my work, but every now and then I’m allowed to out source. Chah is a talented producer and once he heard my music he felt that we should collaborate. He made the track and did the mixing and mastering which I believe matches not only ID37’s standards but also world standards. We may have some more projects together in the near future.

On working with Rosa:

I decided to go with Rosa for this track cause her vocals are really amazing and working with her made me realize it’s a lot less stressful than many other females in the industry that I’ve tried working with. The willingness to work together also made the process a lot. We matched each other’s efforts so no one wasted anyone’s time.

My Opinion:

Anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE it when rappers get to release tracks like this and be in their feelings. It makes me feel that all that “gangsta” (and I use this term loosely) talk doesn’t mean that they don’t hurt or experience the things that us normal human beings who aren’t as angry (lol) experience. I love the way he painted a mental picture of this said partner who drives him crazy but at the sa, “From way back whenever, she been like my kryptonite, shawty always killin me somehow she still give me life…”
Rosa sounds great and you can tell the ease with which the singing and rapping blend from the beginning of the track. A rapper-singer collaboration hardly ever goes wrong, just think about it.

I give it a solid 8 outta 10 but that’s just me. Listen to the record below and tell me what you think. Yay or Nay?

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