#RubysFeatureFridays #RFF: VIOXII

Who is Vioxii?

Vioxii is a rapper hailing from Migori (close to the border of Kenya and Tanzania). He’s 100% Kenyan and not Tanzanian as many have assumed before because of his Swahili raps (which he attributes to his hometown)

He fell in love (no specific genres) with music at the tender age of 10, recording himself on radio cassettes (remember those?) while making music under the group Dandora Flamingo Crew 97′. He says that overtime, Hip Hop grew on him but the other two group members weren’t really with it.

He already has an album out, “Huru Kwa Minyororo” (Swahili for freedom in chains) which he released in 2014. Huru Kwa Minyororo is a bit of a personal experience, “…Freedom in Chains means the passion in the freedom of music as an art yet I’m shackled in chains of struggle being a hardcore reality rapper…”, he says.

His goals with Hip Hop? To live off music, be the inspiration of the artists who look up to him, to represent the area he comes from and to use his rap skills as a weapon to bring change and positivity to the world.

About Chozi…

It was recorded in 2012 at Chuo Records by Samora GKV… it’s a song inspired by the struggle I was going through at that particular time… the hate…the unappreciation even among ourselves as artists..the importance of love and unity in the society…(I think) it remains one of my classic songs.

Chozi video:

The video was shot this year after I sold my album to a lady (Sabrina) in Canada through Facebook and despite not understanding Swahili she loved my songs and asked whether I have videos. At the time, I didn’t have any videos… Believe it or not, she flew to Kenya with the video director from France (Jullien) and did 4 videos…Music works in mysterious ways!

I came up with the concept and did most of the directing, assisted by Jullien and Sabrina.

My Opinion:

After a few listens, I actually like the verses and the message in the song.

I was going to say something about the video but then I was told that it is the pressure of the “world” that make artists feel like they have to put thousands of dollars (even millions) into music videos. At the end of the day, visuals are visuals. You’ve never thought about that, huh?

I will say this though, after a few listens, I like the message in the verses. Don’t give up on yourself, keep pushing till you get to your end goal, don’t follow religion blindly etc. However, the guy on the chorus, Dynamizoh The Lion, what was happening there? I couldn’t understand a single thing.

Video concept? As expected on a track that is talking about struggles, he shot it in church and in the streets of the ghetto. I thought that it was EXACTLY what I would have expected from such a record and I have to say it looks like just another music video. Perhaps he should have gone a different direction with the video? (Let me know in the comments section)

I’ll give it a 6 outta 10 overall; for the video and the track.

I’m curious to hear what you think of this track and/or video. Yay or Nay?


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