Who is Otivoh?

Otivoh is a Hip Hop artist born and bred in Ruiru, Central Kenya .His languages of choice are; English, Dholuo and a bit of Kikuyu.
Otivoh fell in love with music at the age of 7, influenced by his late dad who was a “die hard fan” of Lingala music.

After growing up listening to Lingala he later realized he needed to listen to music he could understand and relate to easily. “I therefore chose Hip Hop since Lingala music was(is) in a different language. I fell in love with Hip Hop because I realized I could easily tell my stories and express my feelings through it.” He looked up to Eminem and 50 Cent because “their stories made me wanna write more and more tracks.” The first Hip Hop track he can remember ever hearing was “Cleaning Up My Closet” by Em.

Otivoh has a mixtape called “I Do It” which dropped in 2011.He admits that he had no budget for studio funds so the mixtape wasn’t well mixed and mastered but he says, that did not stop him from gaining a few listeners.

About “Adwaro Pesa”

Adwaro Pesa is a Dholuo phrase meaning “I want my dues”; be it money, respect, titles, whatever it is. It’s a stern warning to those who owe you to give you what is rightfully yours. Adwaro Pesa was inspired by our day to day hustles which sometimes, you may feel like your efforts aren’t being paid for as they deserve because maybe there are people who want to take advantage of you in the name of “exposure’.
It was recorded at Soundtrick Studios by a producer named Charles Ndung’u in Kahawa Wendani but he flew to Sudan on a mission before finishing the track so it was mixed and mastered by Chris Superprodusir Muthama of 254 CMG.

My Opinion:

Having the BBHMM beat was a good idea because it’s definitely in line with the message was trying to Otivoh to put across. I smiled as soon as I heard it. Matter of fact, I started dabbing right away. I. LOVE.IT! I just hope it’s legal yo… Don’t nobody need no trouble. The lyrics were easy to understand and having a chorus that’s singable is always a plus cuz at least you know that if/when you’re performing this you can involve your crowd. His flow was dope as well and I like that his voice is really strong. I did hear some reference to Ace Hood’s lyrics on “Hustle” so you know for a fact he ain’t playing no games when it comes to grinding hard and getting his paper. *DAB*

I give this one 7/10 only cuz I know he can and should do better than this next time.


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