#RubysFeatureFridays #RFF: Ace Tha Don ft. Shukid and Sydney (125) || Night Life

Ivan Odie, Producer and Night Life Video Director/Editor…

First off, I didn’t know you could also direct videos, how did you get into that?

Honestly, many people don’t know, I make my bread & butter off corporate videos & design , something we started off with a bunch of friends back in Asia as a joke, we got into shooting movies , pictures & videos and recording and since then been motivating one another by watching each other grow, today were all better placed than how we started but still working towards bigger goals, checkout http://www.ogsstudios.com (one guy we started off with who came back to Africa & won Africa’s Best Fashion Photographer amongst other awards, this makes me want to be the best at all I do )

Production vs. Video directing and editing. How do they compare?

To me, production is one, audio / visual. I’m just trying to push each element an extra mile and eventually I see myself settling on movie production as a director. A director makes sure all aspects of production are of the required standard, with my audio, design and photography portfolio growing year by year, I can only imagine if I perfect the skill of filming and directing, this way if a time comes when I’m forming a solid team to work with, we can only compliment each others set of skills.

How did you know about the track Night Life and what made you willing to be part of the shoot?

Night Life was actually a project that was brought to me as a beat for Ace to record on, we were hanging out with Sydney and wrote the chorus together, he then recorded it hapohapo and it was a wrap. To be honest I’ll admit that I didn’t actually want to shoot Night Life due to the cliche type of video I’d have to shoot.

How did you come up with the concept and how long did it take you to shoot?

Not too much planning was put into it as we wanted to but I was happy with the homies when we wrapped it up. we made the best of what we had.

Have you shot any other videos?

I’ve been shooting several videos under the radar, main reason being I like taking my time before marketing my service/product. i.e I’m still learning and looking for gear piece by piece. Hip Hop wise I recently did Uneek’s Thats My Word  which was a concept I’d always wanted to pull off. I was worried if people would get what we were trying to sell, what goes on amongst the youth in the hoods of Rongai; something we see a lot abroad but not locally.

How do people get in touch with you if they wanna work?

I’m working on rebranding my agency to www.callivan.com hopefully before the end of the year. For now bits of my work can be found atwww.iodiestudios.carbonmade.com which indicates my official contact +254 719 465673 but most people get referred to me through my personal line +254 724 24 0 22.
Youtube Page : iodiestudios Kehttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UChzqaYvk8RhfLiMGcgXnZbA

Shatzy K, Night Life Producer…

Was the production of this beat somehow influenced by your previous record Hit That (Shukid ft. Ace Tha Don x Pascal Tokodi)?

Not really . I don’t think so. The hommie Ace Tha Don hit me up told me he was putting out a mixtape and he needed a banger so I wiped it up. He liked it and ran with it.

These same artists were on Hit That.
Same artists, just a different vocalist. How is Night Life different from Hit That?

First off Hit That was a Shukid jam Featuring Ace Tha Don & Pascal Takodi for his mixtape Too Much To Offer. This right here was an Ace Tha Don jam ft Shukid & Sydney for Bars101.

Second on the production, ‘Hit That’ is a bit heavier on them 808’s more synths, a few filters and took me a little more time to complete. Night Life is a super breezy beat, more bells than synths, more baseline than 808’s and more feel good. I also took a shorter time to complete.

Third Hit that is more off a “wow, in your face, DJ drop” that kind of banger jam, Night Life is more off a feel good, easy jam that grows on you.

How do you choose what artist should record on your production?

I have no particular criteria, if I like what you about we can work. Though I like easy people to work with in the sense that they know what they want, from the kind of beat, to the kind of feeling the song should have. I like to work with people who have knowledge about the game/industry and especially their art. I also like fun and funny people they make studio sessions interesting.

What has your biggest challenge been as far as production is concerned?

Getting value for my services as a producer. Most people don’t realize how insane it is to come up with the melodies on these beats coz a beat isn’t just the kick, the snare & random instruments to a producer, NO!!! It’s melodies, composition, sounds, arrangement, an art on its own; a creation. Its understanding the artist, directing them, correcting them, and after all this, they want to pay you very little, they even what to infringe on you rights to the beat SMH. So next time respect the producer n pay them what they really deserve.

I don’t know what to call “writer’s block” for producers but do you ever experience a period when you’re not able to create?

Yes I guess you can call it that since it’s also writing of melodies. I haven’t had that yet but there are times when I feel off and can’t finish a beat or can’t find the right melody or I get the wrong key but I’m always making beats. Practice makes perfect and that is what I want to be; a perfect super producer.

I know you’re also an artist, when you get into that space do you see yourself doing less production?

Before I was an artist I was a beat maker so that is primal for me and yes I am an artist as well though I’ve been keeping it on the low working on my projects ‘Coming soon’… Making beats has become an instinct for me, so regardless of what’s going on, I am always doing it; always . And when am working on my music my beat making mojo goes to another level, it gets intense, crazy coz believe me there’s nothing easier than making yourself a beat since you already know what you want, and this is the best time to test your limits and if you can’t make yourself the best beats how are you supposed to convince a client you can do this for them?

If anybody wants to work with me its super easy, just reach me on my email shatzybeats@gmail.com or inbox my Facebook account @shatzyk and we can chop it up.

My Opinion…

First time I heard Night Life I liked it. I think it was hella refreshing to see Ace Tha Don step away from “heavy” rap to do a jam that’s fit for the club or a party. I mean, it’s not everyday that you want to listen to some “message, life changing sh*” you know what I mean? The chorus is repetitive, as is the norm with other club bangers, no surprises there. Shukid should have brought more energy on this. Listening to the jam, I felt like he wasn’t really in it. Is it that he’s not comfortable doing party songs or what? Even on Hit That, I had to find out if he wasn’t feeling the beat cuz I wasn’t convinced he was about that life.

I commend them for stepping their game up. This could quite easily be the best video by the camp but what I asked, where is the models doe? Would it be wrong of me to expect a very vibrant party scene on set or is the video okay as it is? You tell me.

I give it an 8/10 and judging by comments online, the pressure to step this up for the next video is crazy. If they don’t market this video hard and get to “mainstream” TV/radio they will have failed a little.

What are your thoughts? Let me know and don’t forget to share this if you really digging it and even if you not


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