#RubysFeatureFridays #RFF: CROW_KE

Who is Crow_KE?

Crow_KE or The Crows is a collective of artists from Nakuru whose main aim is to inspire by telling their stories through art. In early 2015, Alex Chege (Suichi) and Theo Mwaura (Caesar Kun), cousins with similar interests, had already begun doing some music and decided to make their art bigger than just them rapping. It is through consultations that the idea of forming a collective came about.

The first song released by Crow_Ke was “Falling” (Released 27/04/2016). In this song the group decided to focus on depression.
Crow is not made up of 6 people. There are quite a number of different people who work behind the scene to make sure that they achieve their goals and the intended message behind each every project is heard. Their art, they say, is not restricted to only music. They have photographers, graffiti artists and writers. Their style of music is not just limited to just Hip-Hop and they are currently working on an album which will showcase their different styles.

About the Falling video…

The video was directed by Ben Omwaka, edited by Ben & Brian Omwaka. Ben does travel photography under the hashtag #Twenderaundi which is all about wanderlust, random walks and hikes experiencing the majesty of nature which actually birthed the video and was a one location shoot in Nakuru. The idea was to be simple and have a video that complements the theme in the audio. The video in many ways symbolizes the formation of Crow_KE as a collective but still showing the issue of depression. Falling shows “you are not alone”. The song inspired photo series on the theme of depression which in turn influenced the video.

My opinion…

I love the message in the track. In this day and age, plenty people are dealing with depression and for some it’s so bad that they end up committing suicide. This is a very controversial topic, with some saying that ending your life is a bit selfish but I love that they come out to say that you don’t have to suffer in silence, there’s always someone there for you even if you feel like your world is all grey or has no life (as signified in the video).

What I will say though, I feel like there’s confidence lacking in the delivery. It may be a heavy/ “sad” song but the rappers and the singer, in my opinion, needed to have brought it harder. I’m also struggling to hear some of their lyrics so maybe the enunciation could have been better?

Overall? 5/10. Mainly because of the things I have pointed out. It’s their debut record and not everyone starts from the top so I’m definitely going to be on the lookout for more material from them.

Do you agree? Do they deserve to get a higher or lower score? Let me know in the comments section!


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