#RubysFeatureFridays #RFF: EVO BLISS

Who is Evo Bliss?

Formerly known as “Swahili Boy”, Evo Bliss is a 22-year old rapper who was raised in, what he calls a “humble background” in Ruai. He wasn’t much into music but was fond of dancing, he says. “My childhood has been full of street dancing in which I came to realize that it was an element of my genre of choice which is Hip Hop/Rap music.”

The transition into music was quite a slow process as he initially leaned towards R&B and actually did some covers for artists such as Ne-Yo, Usher, Chris Brown. It was after losing his father in 2007 and going through a hard time coming into terms with the loss that started listening to a lot more music and got into more dancing to ease the pain.

But his journey with Hip Hop really began in 2011, while in high school. His family was going through a hard time which made him spend less time at home as he was in the search for manual jobs so that he could buy food for his family.

How he got into Hip Hop was through a rap battle! His friend challenged him to a battle and they used the Renegade (Em,Hov) beat. Unsure of what to say or rap about, Bliss says that he just naturally found himself rapping to the beat, using his struggles as fuel for the battle. Slowly, he became more confident and was involved in a couple cyphers at the hood. Evo started writing his own lyrics in 2012 but he says his “big break” came when he met Vasilis Psaltis aka Demis Beats a producer from Greece who hooked up a collaboration with D12’s Bizarre and G Unit affiliate Lil Buck Marley.Demis wanted artists who would pay for the open slots on the artists features so Bliss helped in promotion to get guys interested. This opened up an opportunity for Bliss to meet guys from Hip Hop Ain’t Dead Series, a platform where all underground artists can get opportunity to be hosted on mixtapes and major collabos.

It was in Sept 2015 that he finally did his first song “My Way” under Chuo Records that’s when he met Samora Gkv Mwamba who has been instrumental in his career and remains his producer to date.

About Good Old Love…

This is Evo Bliss’ third single from his solo studio projects. The song is a sampled beat from Nebulaz, a producer in Italy. The idea was based on personal experience, in this case, break up with a high-school sweetheart “who I really adored.” I was curious about why he would write about her (or their break up) years after. He says that she really understood who he was and held him down even with his struggles, something he hasn’t been able to find to date.

My Opinion

I can’t say enough how much I love it when rappers are in their feelings. I’ve said this before, I think I will continue to say it… Or maybe two or three more times. I also love samples. I think that samples breathe new life to the original track and kind of expose you to new music if you weren’t really aware of it.

From listening to the track, I could feel the pain, the emotion with which “Good Old Love” came with. I however think that he needs to work on his diction. Words need to be pronounced properly because that’s also part of communication. He’s gearing up for a new release on Oct 1st so I kind of expect (and hope) that he’ll do a lot better. There’s always room for improvement and he’s only 22 so I’ll be watching.

I give it 5/10. Rate with me. What do YOU think?


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