#RubysFeatureFridays #RFF: H3nry (Zimbabwe)

Who is H3nry?

Born Henry Masekesa, H3nry is a 21 year old multi genre recording artist from Zimbabwe based in Cape Town, South Africa. He is an independent artist spearheading the roster for his recently established record label IV-FOUR-VI International Records. The name H3nry came from Henry’s adoration of his grandfather who’s name is Henry. “My grandfather is a manI always thought embodied integrity. I always looked up to him when I
was younger and so I decided to use our name, as my stage name too! Due to my spiritual/religious beliefs I decided to remove the E from my name to use a 3. The 3 in H3nry is the idea of God being present within me. As a child brought up with Christian values it was important to me to stay true to that! So the 3 represents mind, body, soul for me and it also represents (God) the trinity. My name was a way of always reminding myself that i have the 3 (trinity) with me so NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! The 3 holds me together! (literally….my name, my art, and myself as a human being)”.

His music career began three years ago after having recorded music and
played instruments throughout his childhood. His passion for people, art and music led him to pursue a career in music while studying at the University of Cape Town, which he left after deciding to pursue music exclusively. H3nry released his debut single ‘Secrets’ in 2014, which featured Hillzy, another local artist, good friend and family member. A year after the successful release,H3nry gave another offering, his debut mixtape T.U.T.O.R , a collaborative hip-hop and R&B piece with Hillzy. The mixtape received recognition and love amongst well-known artists such as Cassper Nyovest.

H3nry released a mixtape ‘Expressions’, in October 2015, the thought and emotion provoking piece had positive reception from local blogs and peers. His music drew the attention of international artists and producers such as K.E On the Track (who has produced for the likes of Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj and Future just to name a few); E-Smitty (ASAP MOB affiliated platinum record producer) and Profit who he went on to work with.
In May he went on to release another well received EP titled ‘W.T.F’. The young rapper has been working on his third solo mixtape which is expected to have a November release. H3nry has now recently released his music video for Marry Jane which has received love from magazines such as the SA
Hip Hop Magazine, where he was named Top 5 rappers to look out for, as
well as Top 10 Most Slept on Artists in South Africa.

“As an African child very often we are discouraged from being creative or taking a different route to success than the usual (9 to 5), and it breaks my heart to see that so many people cannot do what makes their souls sing and it’s because of this joy and strength i have in me that I decided to devote my life to empowering, enlightening and inspiring everyone I can. I want everyone to feel as great as I feel! It’s not right to keep such a major key to myself. I know what its like to be lost, I know what it’s like to have a dream, and I know what it’s like to feel like its impossible,I’ve been there and I hope I can inspire someone else to keep pushing because greatness is everyone’s

Henry’s biggest challenge was his family who he’d have to lie to from time to time so that he could be away from home to record music. He did however, get the courage to talk to them and express his desire to be an artist which was a major disappointment bu they later championed him. “One of my biggest highlights was when I released the video for Insomniac and I got the opportunity to sit and talk to Nigerian artist Ice Prince who couldn’t stop repeating some of the lyrics from my song. That, for me was such a surreal moment, having seen him on television and then finally seeing him in reality and have him show love to my craft was a moment that was so unreal for me! Not to mention how pleased he was with my fashion sense, to the extent
that he wanted to pay for my coat on the spot!”

Get more of H3nry’s Videos here

About The Marry Jane Video…

The Marry Jane video was directed by 446 Filmmaker & Nestling Creative
Filmmaker of the year 2015 – Thandi Gula- Ndebele, edited by “Sisanda”
Poppyn and styled by Rufaro Fanadzo. The music video concept was based
on a psychedelic exploration of female friendship and its intersection with spirituality.

The concept is centered on a light hearted, intimate visual exploration of female friendship, while playing on the idea of intimacy and how it manifests and can be represented in those relationships, focusing on the loving, self actualizing and liberating aspects of such intimacies, I wanted to represent the different ways in which spirituality manifests and is experienced. There’s a constant play on representation where Marry Jane is illusive and there is no clarity as to whether it represents characters, their experience or the actual encounter of ____ (weed whatever you wanna call it). We wanted to make it visually stimulating and captivating , fluid and colourful, fashioning a new narrative without drawing attention away from the song.

My Opinion…

How me and H3nry got into contact is gonna be a story for another day. I just feel like that deserves an onscreen story or something. Lol.

Marry Jane gives me that ScHoolBoy Q vibe like in Studio… from the singing to the rapping. It’s hard for me to believe that this is a 21 year old but then again South Africa also gave us Nasty C. The mastery of his voice, delivery and structure of his verses is just so mature. Kinda makes me wanna be there just to study the game and know what struggles they’re going through. Can Nasty x H3nry do something already?
I digress, I love how H3nry hides Mary Jane in “Marry Jane”… anyone who is down for this knows exactly what the track is about from the get go but it’s also not in plain sight so you’re welcome to assume he’s talking about a girl too.

I like the chill vibe of the track. I have absolutely nothing to complain about this record. Listen to the record below and if you still don’t like it after, forget you. Haha. I kid. You’re welcome to point out what you don’t like about it

8/10 for me. And that’s an 8 on the higher scale. I got my eyes on this young blood.


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