#RubysFeatureFridays #RFF: ILLICIT

Who is Illicit?

Illicit is an underground Hip Hop rapper from Embu who started rapping at the age of 10 but he says, “just for fun”. His professional rapping career began after he was introduced to a Facebook group called Punchlines + Crazylines back in 2010 where they used to do online text battles, cyphers and keystyles (Keyboard freestyles… yeah, that’s a thing). Sometimes they would organize a competition and call on judges who were other rappers they looked up to. This was done for quite a while until they decided it was time to take this art to the next level; look for producers, a good studio and finally record.

The members were from different countries so the Kenyan trio got together after McMutant and Kitu Sewer dropped their mixtape ‘Campus Diary’ (early 2012) and he (Mc Mutant with the help of Sewer) really helped the young rappers get on their feet.

Their first track was “Shida Nyingi” which was done at 32 Records in Dandora

About The Bandana Republic:

The track was recorded at Higher Linxx Records in Kitengela by Maish Cliggah with additional production from Adel Chigga Otieno.

The video was directed by Black Berry Bush pictures and Vision Studios. The shoot took three days and the video was was edited and ready for release in a month.

My Opinion…

I’m not sure that the track portrays the reality of what is happening in Kenya. From what I understand, The Bandana Republic mainly speaks on gangs and how colors define the gang you are affiliated to, likening the situation to the rivalry of Bloods and Crips. Is this really happening in Kenya? Sure there could be gangs deep in the hood but is it that bad to the point that even your dressing could have you dropped in a second? I could be wrong.

More than that, Illicit needs to practice harder. I’m not convinced about the flow. The track being relatable? Naaah. Even if there was a “deeper” message in the track the delivery wouldn’t let you hear it. If he truly wants to rap and get better at his art, he needs to go back to the drawing board and tighten those loose ends. #MyThoughts

Overall, I give the record 4.5/10. I thinka lot of work needs to be done here.

Do you agree or disagree? Holla at me!


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