#RubysFeatureFridays #RFF: KEVIN GRANDS

Who is Kevin Grands?

Kevin Grands is a rap artist, music producer and mix engineer, born and raised in Nairobi. His love for music spans many years, having been a fan of multiple genres in his earlier years but later on developing a specific love for Hip Hop and rap. He first started experimenting with making music when he was about 13 years old and started rapping at 17. As for inspiration, he believes there are many stories and situations to be explained and he does that through his music.

When starting out, Kevin went by the name “GnX” but later rebranded to Kevin Grands, citing that he wanted to give people a piece of who he really was, and that began by using part of his real name, “Kevin”.
His music is set in the urban world and incorporates various current styles, with introspective lines taking center stage.
As a producer, Kevin Grands has been behind songs that have seen local Hip Hop chart success, having produced for artists like Shukid, Ace Tha Don, Poppa Don, Benady as well as for himself.

About “Wish”

Wish is basically a serenading song… if that makes any sense lol.

“Wish is a song set in a party or club situation, where I spot a beautiful lady on the opposite side and attempt to get her to be at my side, where her “wishes can be”. I like to write what I can call situational music and this is one of those. I’m sure a lot of people have been in a situation where they spot someone they could be interested in and this song shows just how such a situation could pan out.”

Wish Production…

I produced the song and got some additional help from Superprodusir, whom I also featured on it. He was part of the writing process for some parts of it. Working with Superprodusir made the whole process so much easier since we bounce ideas so quickly off each other and we both understand each other’s way of making music.

My Opinion…

I love the fact that he stepped out of his comfort zone to make a song for the shawties. This is something that as a listener of Kevin, you hardly come across from his previous tracks.
It also seems that a Kevin Grands x Chris Superprodusir Muthama isn’t too bad. They have worked before on the record 25, which was Superprodusir’s track, they are both producers and artists at the same damn time so maybe they should think about releasing a joint project. I’m just gonna throw that out there (and guys, if you decide to do this I’ll be waiting for a cheque, thanks).

Overall, I give the track a 8/10. I think the raps are easy on the ears, the singing is melodic and it’s probably the most commercial song out of Kevin Grands’ camp (you can correct me if I’m wrong)


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