#RubysFeatureFridays #RFF: OCHIBOMWANDA

Who is Ochibomwanda?

Born Josky Ouda in Kenya but currently residing in Texas, Ochibomwanda is a writer, rapper, and producer who started doing music 12 years ago as a producer and later decided to become an artist. Before Ochibomwanda came into play, he went by the name ”FREDDYGEE” but later changed it to ”OCHIBOMWANDA” because he felt he needed a name that defines him and that would be somewhat original.

From conversation with him, it takes about $10- $500 PER HOUR to record a song to completion depending on the studio you’re at, the quality and the rates so instead of having to pay for studio time whenever he needed to record, he chose to buy recording equipment put it in an extra room in his house and that was the birth of “Deenote Music” his recording studio whose name was later changed to “Ochibomwanda Musiq”. He however notes that over there when a record is hot everyone will catch on it really quick and it’s mainly because internet is fast and easily accessible.Is this one of the reasons we see artists blowing up and in a major way? I think it definitely could be.

*Social media/internet is everything guys. Take note

He already has an album under his belt titled “King Class” under his previous name, Freddy Gee, and it’s available on iTunes, Amazon,Google play, Rhapsody and Spotify. Since the release of his album, he chooses to do mixtapes and freestyles because “it’s my preferred method and is easier for me.”

About Ochichiville
Ochichiville is a mixtape that has a total of 10 songs. The song Ochichiville talks about my crazy ways not thinking about all the haters. I wrote produced and edited the song as well as the video, but I had help from Shiro (wife to be) and Joe (cousin) shooting the video which didn’t take long. It only took 2 hours.

My Opinion:

I love that Ochibomwanda handles everything by himself. From writing music, beat production, video direction and editing. That means less reliance on other people and less disappointment. That’s a MAJOR KEY. If he doesn’t beat his deadlines that means he has nobody to blame but himself (Should I say major key again?)

On the song, I loved the visuals. The clarity and simplicity captivated me. the beats were on point too. Flow, delivery, all that was good. However, the message was lost to me. I felt like there were so many subject matters being addressed. He lost me so many times I had to keep starting the song to see if I was gonna get the message. Because of that, I’d say the song writing was a miss for me. He could probably do a lot better if he had somebody writing for him but then again this is just one record. I’m gonna listen to the entire mixtape (and you should too) then make an informed decision about Ochibomwanda.

I give the track 5/10 overall. What do you think though; is Ochichiville a hit or a miss? Let me know in the comments section!


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