#RubysFeatureFridays #RFF: PHOOLISH BUOY

Who is Phoolish Buoy?

Phoolish Buoy is a recording and performing artist under the label 254CMG which is a collective of Hip Hop/rap artists from different areas of Nairobi.

His first track “Lurh That”, recorded in 2012, is what got him a deal with CMG, marking the start of his career. Since then he has been releasing music under the label and he claims, the music is being reviewed well by fans both locally and abroad.

For more of Phoolish Buoy’s music check out the official CMG website,www.254cmg.co.ke.

About Fresh Outta The Box…

The track features Anttwon Lewis, a Kenyan based in Atlanta and the video shot by Brian Adagala and Mark Karubiu (Director Of Photography).

Anttwon and I put out an E.P dubbed “Different” (available on Spotify) and from that, I came up with the whole concept of Fresh Out The Box. Fresh Out The Box, to Phoolish, means “cut from a different cloth. Who doesn’t love being fresh and being different? It is not something that one sees in their everyday life,that’s why on the video I had the half jacket on with no shirt just tats with my sagging pants..”

Director’s Cut… (Brian Adagala)

The 1st time I met Phoolish was when he came to studio to record, at that time the studio was
where I lived with Superprodusir, the group’s founding member and producer.

How Phoolish got in contact?

Phoolish called me and told me he had just recorded a song with Anttwon and they wanted to meet so we could discuss the video. He sent me the song and we set up a meeting.

Fresh Outta The Box video…

The concept wasn’t a solo effort. I work closely with artists who approach me and we normally
have a sit down and spitball whatever we can imagine.
For this one, Anttwon had a couple ideas he wanted me to consider and I had a couple of ideas too. We had a 3-hour spitball session where we combined what Anttwon had, what I had, took out the parts we didn’t like and improved on the parts we liked. We wrote everything down and planned for the shoot.

We started shooting Fresh Outta Box at 11am in the morning and finished shooting at 9pm in the
night. That’s a 10hr shoot, with occasional breaks. I’m very meticulous especially when it comes to shoot composition, sharpness and an artist’s performance when creating visuals. I just can’t settle for an average or fairly good performance.It needs to be one that, if a kid was watching, they too would want to do what the artist is doing on screen.

Working with Phoolish has always been easy since he already knows what I call for when on set. Being a director, your work is made easy if the person in front of the camera can actually translate the words you’re saying into some brilliant performance with minimal takes and putting in a bit of their sauce that adds value to the performance.

PS: Directing is more of being a people person, good listening skills and also clearly
communicating your vision to people.

My favorite effect on the video is when the camera does a total 360 turn on Anttwon’s performance; mainly
because it was the shot that took the most time to add effects to, but the effort was rewarding.

My Opinion…

Production was good. the mixing, mastering, I have worked with Chris Superprodusir Muthama before (he actually recorded my first radio demo ever) and I have seen the time he takes with his work and the effort that he puts into it as well.

The video? This is the first product I’ve seen from Adagala and I was quite impressed by it. I love how everything just looks fresh… Uh huh!

Track? There are some lyrics I had so much trouble hearing. Forget about Desiiigner being the ish and people loving his music despite the fact that they don’t understand what he’s saying. Me? Ruby? I NEED to hear what I’m listening to! It’s also a trap record so you don’t expect it to be lyric heavy and of course there’s that part where, if he performs this record at a show, we can all sing along to and that’s… say it with me… “I’M FRESH OUT THE BOX!”

Yes Ruby, you is girl!

I give it a 6.5/10. A little more effort, a little more energy and maybe, just maybe, this score would have been higher. What do you think? Holla at ya girl 😉


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