#RubysFeatureFridays #RFF: TESS

Who is Tess?

Tess is a the only female recording and performing artist under 254CMG Music Label. I like to call her the first lady of CMG and just like your favorite RnB star, Tess’ love for music began when she was just a little girl as she used to sing in church and she was also influenced by her late dad who was a songwriter, DJ and band leader.

She chose to do RnB because “it brings something I can’t explain out of me.I am able sing out or bring out emotions I am feeling or situations related to other people like relationships, triumphs/failures, economy and sensual issues but am open to always try new experiences in terms of genres.”

Her journey in music began in 2014 when she teamed up with fellow stablemate 67 Karatz on one of his tracks “Irreplaceable Love” off his album “City Behind The Moon”. That’s when he introduced her to Superprodusir who showed interest in her.

Oh and she already has a project out. Tess has an EP called Emotional that was released a couple months ago. To hear more from her, find her music on SoundCloudAudiomack and buy her music here.

About Fire..

The track features Stin (254CMG) and the video was shot by Brian Adagala and Mark Karubiu (Director Of Photography)

“I was in the studio one day and I had this melody in my head that I really wanted to share with Superprodusir and Stin was around. The minute he heard that song he was so excited and he was all like “I want that track!” He started spitting these amazing bars and I knew he’s the right guy to feature and FIRE was born.

Fire is all about love, a situation that most of us have probably been in. When you’re madly in love with someone then things go bad but the memories and thoughts don’t go away. When you can remember what they used to say to you to make you smile or how they used to touch you or those weird things you used to talk about that no one else would understand… you get? Yeah…

“So Fire is a love journey; fall in love – breakup – healing process… It’s my favorite song because unlike my other tracks whereby i talk of other people’s experiences or the situation they’re in, (on this one) I poured my heart and also my feelings into this track out of experience.”

Fire Video…

Now Brian (Adagala) we call him Dash, is so easy to work with! You’ll take an idea to him and he turns it around with crazy ideas and before you know it you have this new world with amazing, brilliant ideas that you didn’t even think of. That is what happened when I had a sit down with him.”

Tess says that the first cut on the shooting day was 12 hours with breaks. It was meant to be a one day shoot but ended up spilling over to the next day due to unavoidable circumstances.

My Opinion:

I like the concept behind the track. Almost every adult has been through this particular situation. Chris Superprodusir Muthama is a talented producer, the beat is soothing, it’s the right tempo, I feel, for the track. Superprodusir plus 254 CMG have managed to bring together a crop of artists that’s a movement. I think that Tess needs to have a couple of professional voice classes. The vocals are a little weak and my thoughts are that a voice coach can help her hit notes she didn’t even know she could and also how to control her voice.

The chorus says, in part, “My body is on fire…” but I don’t feel that passion, even her facial expressions in the video are a bit plain… If a man or woman is your desire, you know the faces you make *wink* lol.

Stin brought it. He referenced his situation to a druggie who’s trying to get clean but they’re hooked. Nice analogy.

I’ll give Tess 6/10. More can and should be done but Fire is a nice try.

Share your thoughts with me! I’d really love to know what you think of the first female feature on my page. Did she bring it or nah?


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