#RubysFeatureFridays #RFF: TOTT

Who is TOTT?

T.O.T.T (Tok Of The Town) is a group of two rappers; Stevie Kip aka Shy B and Wesly Tides. They didn’t come up with the name themselves. After their performance at an event the MC mentioned that they would be “talk of the town” if they kept at it so they chose to stick with it since they didn’t have a name.

The duo has always loved music with Shy B being a dancer in high school and Wesly would cram the lyrics to songs so he could sing them. (I’m sure most of us did)

About “Throw It Back”

Since twerking has become a way of life TOTT decided to write a track that would be the soundtrack to this. The “unofficial video” was shot and directed by Kevin Nufrica of Nufrica concepts, who shoots all their videos.

“We were performing at Club Euphoria in Machakos county and the ladies there really impressed us with how they were taking it down low, so we decided to give them a song to dance to. Wesly came up with the track we recorded it and when we wanted to upload the audio to YouTube our video director proposed we do a viral video for the song, so the video was shot and edited in less than a day and uploaded.”

Other tracks with the same vibe to it are “Drop It Down”, “Dunda”, and “Whine It Up” which you can find here.

TOTT is currently on their album called J.T.B (Just The Beginning) which will drop before the end of this year.

My Opinion…

They got the energy for this record they really wanted to do it… I mean, what heterosexual male don’t wanna praise a lady’s butt, right? As is the norm with other club hits, which I pointed out earlier, there’s a lot of repetitiveness on the record. I’m not convinced about the flow or the lyrics. Just a little tweaking and maybe they’ll be good to go. Diction also needs a little fixing… I almost feel like the language they used is a struggle for them and they should try use Sheng/Swahili.

I give it 6/10. What do you think? Are you turning up to this or naah?


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