EXCLUSIVE: Rapper Njeri Weighs In On Femi One’s Diss Record, “Pilau Njeri”.

Femi One released a diss track called Pilau Njeri yesterday morning, a track that is mainly addressed to another female rapper called Njeri and a couple other acts in the game.

With all the hype that’s building up around this record, I feel that it would be rather unfair if I didn’t also say something about the track.

Almost everyone who talks about KE Hip Hop will talk about the lack of consistency from female rappers or the lack of controversy, loosely translated to “excitement/fun” with regards to what they do with Hip Hop. One good example is the “Who Is King?” fiasco that literally ruled the entertainment scene for a couple of months. It all started with Juliani saying that he’s better than Khaligraph, Octopizzo and King Kaka rhyme/bar wise.

Well we came to find out that it had been planned and some of the people pulled out because they saw no added value business wise but for what it’s worth, it kinda kept us excited for a little while. Those of us who follow KE Hip Hop music/conversations, at least. The only female that came out to claim stake of the kingdom was Njeri with No KING.

Word is, Femi One’s Pilau Njeri is a response to some of the lyrics on No King, where Njeri says,

/banture brikicho/si ucome nikushow

/but kunavile ubebewa akili jo/so wachanikusare kabla uandikiwe mistare

/sihitaji kuwa ligii soo/nani anataka soo

/me hudeal na madollar/ uki dora

/kama me ni Nakumatt we ungekuwa Uchumi au Mesora/

I tried to find out if that really is the truth but after a phone conversation with Femi One, she said she isn’t responding to any questions on the track at the moment, up until next week.

Njeri, on the other hand, was she really talking about that? She says that No KING was just a general analysis of the entire industry and wasn’t aimed at a specific person but, “if the shoe fits…” adding that there must be a specific reason she (Femi) felt like she was being attacked to be as aggressive as she was in Pilau Njeri.

She’s not going to respond because it’s a little too late for that and she doesn’t see the point of releasing a diss record. I guess we’ll find out Femi One’s side of the story next week.

Njeri also mentioned to me that the producers of Pilau Njeri wanted to work with her but she declined so maybe that was more fuel for them.

Speaking to Ricco Beatz, Pilau Njeri producer,  he said, “I thought she (Njeri) would still come we finish a work-in-progress at the studio with Producer Richie (G) chopping it; any time, any year. It’s a great song that will never get old and we started it back in February this year.”

Adding that he had no idea that Njeri wasn’t open to working on a track with him, he’d only found out about the news from me., “I can’t remember giving her a beat that she ignored…”

He also said that the diss has nothing to do with them in the studio because she, (Njeri), can still work with them.  “Producers don’t propel beefs. We are actually like the referees so any point referring to us,should be null. Otherwise, let the femcees’ battle continue. After all, it’s the strongest who wins, right? Isn’t it fun to hear this? We’ve had too many MC beefs. This is something different in the music business; Hip hop that is.”

He seems to also wait for a response from any of the females in the game because he added, “We have a lot of femcees. This could probably be a wake up call. Let more and more get into the game and try to show what they got.”

On Pilau Njeri, I have this to say.

First things first, I’m gonna applaud Femi One for being the first female rapper to actually go on the record to call a couple of people out on their BS. That’s never been done before on KE soil. That makes me excited about what she may have sparked. Each of the guys mentioned; Noti Flow, Kush Tracey, Sosuun and Njeri has a fan base and everyone is rooting for their champ to respond. Njeri has already said that she sees no point in doing so, so that one isn’t coming.

The beat is mad sick. Ricco Beatz is slowly making his mark in the game as one of the producers coming up to watch out for so the conversation around this track gives him some mileage, no doubt. Good job!

However, I will say this, as much as I understand that it’s Hip Hop and there’s nothing off limits, I don’t see the necessity of mentioning Conjestina’s mental health issues, as someone who is not involved in the beef at all and  isn’t even a rapper , “Don’t mess with me/ nitawachizisha ka Conje…”

Then, Femi took shots at Noti Flow, who, and let’s be honest, isn’t gonna feature on your top 5 KE female rappers list because most people know her for her controversy not her music. Noti Flow was on Homeboyz Radio last evening claiming that she’d never heard of Fermi One and was only learning of her then through the track is the oldest trick in the book. Come on! Prezzo did this a couple of years ago when he had beef with Jaguar and claimed he didn’t know who he (Jaguar) was. She (Noti) also said that she makes “fun” music but she has to understand that she’s using rap (an element of Hip Hop) to express herself through this “fun” music. She has many views on her You Tube page. Of course people are gonna have opinions and those of us who, just like Femi One, feel she’s degrading it and giving female rappers a bad name, are gonna speak against her/it.

Kush Tracey, Sosuun, Noti Flow, Njeri, is there a specific (personal) reason these are the people she targeted? Could be because these are the females who are getting shine right now and are getting plenty of airplay for their tracks… well, some of them.

Most of the fuel she used for this record was, the need for her to prove that she doesn’t have a ghost writer and her label, Kaka Empire, makes sure she gets paid so it’s not wasting her. Her picking on all these chics, is it a deflection from the true matter at hand? Does she really have a ghost writer? How much of Pilau Njeri was written for her? Does it even matter?

I think that as an artist, having a ghost writer doesn’t take away anything from you. Look at all these global superstars; Rihanna has had hits written for her, Chris Brown, Usher, even Queen Bey herself has been written tracks for. Even people like the legendary Dr. Dre have had some hits written for him. Does that take away anything from their artistry or how they deliver? Does that make them any less brilliant?

So Femi One has come out and claimed Queendom by “dissing” these chics but there are also people, from her generation that she might have missed. Where’s Baby T? Wangechi?

I like the fact that she might have sparked something and I look forward to the eruption (and I hope there will be one) from those mentioned and those not. I hope that the boss chics who have been doing this thing for a minute now, like STL, MDQ, Xtatic… will weigh in on this as well. It doesn’t even have to be a track, they could just air their opinions on the record about this whole thing.

I’ll close with this. Hip Hop is a game of egos and everyone wants to believe that they are king/queen and that’s really okay but what factors align for a Hip Hop artist be at the top of the food chain?


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  1. William says:

    This is what we all have been waiting for… i would have loved if she fired shots at Wangechi….Am a big fan of Njeri and i think a reply would be awesome.Now they go hard or go home .am waiting to update my play list.

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