New Music: Amesimama by Swalleh Geffor

Swalleh Geffor (Geoffrey Gathirimu) is a Kenyan rapper born and raised in Kitale town. He started his music career while still in high school at the age of 17, recording his first single with E-lascah, a group he founded together with his classmates in 2012.

After a few differences, Swalleh launched his solo career in 2015 when he released a mixtape called Coins 2 Notes. As fate would have it, Swalleh Geffor met Omae Lion, a Hip Hop producer, artist and CEO of MaeFamm Entertainment (formerly known as Basslyn Music).

“Amesimama” is Swalleh Geffor’s first single under the label. The first time I heard “Amesimama”, the first thing I really liked about it was the beat and you know me, feelings and Hip Hop is a great cocktail. Swalleh Geffor expresses his love for this girl, telling her how crazy he is about her and how she’s the girl of her dreams.

The rhyme scheme is pretty simple and while I love it when rappers step out of their “hardcore” persona to mellow down, “Ona vile amesimama… lakini siwezi mpa kiti” is a little too cheesy for me.

Overall, I’d give it 7/10. It could be better but it’s not a bad start either.


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