EP Review: Kevin Grands “Balance”

Producer, mix engineer and rap artist Kevin Grands decided to drop a 3-track EP titled “Balance” first, to break the silence and  to prepare you for another project set to drop. While I can tell you exclusively that it’s called “Like I’m The Only One” (he refers to it on the first track on Balance, with the same name). It has 10 tracks and I have no information on when the tape is going to be released officially, what I can tell you though, is the heavy trap record “How I Run It” is on it, Wish (ft. Superprodusir) as well as “No Company”.

Now, on to “Balance”. Anybody that knows me knows that I really love that old school sound. Yes I’m with the times and I very much listen to new school Hip Hop but there’s something very refreshing about new school artists hoping on old school sounds and executing it well. That’s what Kevin Grands did.

All 3 tracks are self produced with the help of Ivan Odie, Kim and Superprodusir. Grands goes through the motions of trying to balance all the sounds he experiments with but states that he can’t run away from the boom bap sound he started his music career with.

3-880x880 In Pretty Hard Kevin speaks on some of the hardships he’s endured, including seeing his mom cry “I seen my mama cry tears just tryna get me to high school…” and how every once in a while he feels left behind, even when he’s given dap for his achievements. “I’m 25 now ever feel like you crossed it? When your wrist ain’t frosted, so time ain’t froze. I might be looking accomplished but I’m just not sure“… Listening to it now, I understand why Grands says he’s making music “For all us” because I’m pretty sure you’ve also felt like you were lagging behind at some point. I mean, I have and I still struggle with such thoughts/emotions. Pretty Hard is a relatable record to every young person hustling hard to become a success.

In Your Section, the last song off the tape, is a record for the ladies, a collaborative effort between himself, Superprodusir and Poppa Don.

I loved this tape. Only thing, Kevin should a little more fire to his raps. I’ve had the tape for a while and I’m only just realizing that Pretty Hard was super personal and relative to anybody else struggling to stay afloat amidst life’s pressures. The production was fab, to say the least and the message the tape conveyed was pretty good.

Listen to the EP below and let me know your thoughts, I give it an 8/10.



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