Mixtape Review: Papa La Kusini Mixtape by Odinareh Bingwa

Odinareh Bingwa is an urban Hip Hop artist based in South Coast, Diani. In December 2016, he put out a 10-track mixtape called Papa La Kusini (Shark of the Coast) in which he talks about he talks about every and anything that could affect a young person in Hip Hop trying make music and eat off it.


His wordplay is impeccable “Naitwa Odinare si Peter Marangi ile ukinikuja mbaya buda nakupaka paka…” (track 3 Pewa ft. Coxire), as he touches on everything that has affected him and influenced his life to this point. From not being able top attend college to  hustling through life through his talent, hard as it is. “Mistari ni mingi tatizo ni kuzigeuza zikuwe shilingi” (Pewa ft.Coxire). He also says how music is such a unifying factor but sometimes the artists are the ones seclude themselves, “Muziki una umoja, ila wasanii ndio wanapagawisha, kisha gawanyisha kama dili.”

Having known OD to use Swahili dominantly in his raps, he kinda surprise me on this tape with the fusion of English too, as heard on the very first track, Nas Album Done Freeflow. He speaks on his aspirations, how hard he hustles so he can touch money like the likes of Chibu Dangote (Diamond Platnumz) and politician Ali Joho.  Odinareh also shouts out the artists he grew up listening to both locally and abroad, citing Nyashinski and the late E-Sir as some of his influences.


On tracks like “Young, Wild and Nasty” ft. Ohms Law Montana, Bingwa speaks on his independence while striving to make sure that his music pays him.“Why work for another man? When I’m gifted nataka kuwa boss,G”. Expect to groove to “Mtwapa to Diani ft. Kitole Kenda, a feel good song about those nights out after which he mellows down on Controlla Remix to speak to the woman after his heart.

On Legendary Odinareh says you know what, forget being being the best, I wanna be legendary and he matches the energy of the beat quite well. This one was produced by Teknixx.


On Gode, Odinareh says the only way to make Hip Hop commercial is by looking for markets for it, that we have to be the ones to take initiative, which is true “…njia ya kuuza bidhaa ni si wenyewe tuitengenezee soko…”

Overall, the production was good, delivery was excellent and the content was even better because while listening to the tape I felt like I got to know him and what he goes through a little better. Pewa, Guilty Freestyle, Legendary and Gode are my fave records off “Papa La Kusini”.

This is a tape to bump to whenever you need refreshing music from the 254 and you definitely should stream/download the entire tape on DatPiff.com.


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