Ruby’s Fave Five: BARS!

I posted a song on Twitter and someone (The Krox, I think) said that if I made a SoundCloud playlist with some of the songs I listen to he’d follow it so I thought why not blog about it? I haven’t really been doing much writing lately. Life has been a little crazy (bear with me) but I wanna make this work so I’ll pick up the reviews and blogs moving forward.

Fave Five is basically a  weekly list of 5 tracks that I like, placed in different categories. Lists are also in NO particular order so no catching feelings please:). It doesn’t have to be new music and I’m branching out to all countries in Africa. If I hear something and I like it, I’ll feature it. This one’s for the music lovers and people who want to listen widely. I’m also open to suggestions on lists you think I should make.

The following songs are tracks I like that I think have bars for days. See the black dude by the counter? That’s gonna be your expression as you scheme through these tracks. FIRE BARS!
Hot Bars

1. S*** Talk|| Dope_I_Mean (Buds III)

This is probably one of my most FAVE tracks by Dope I Mean. It’s an interlude but he goes IN… Pause. Start to finish, Dope blesses the mic dropping bars all over as he addresses a couple of issues. First, he calls out weak rappers while paying homage to the Shrap movement and squad. He also addresses promoters, if you’re gonna book him for a show, you’ve gotta pay. That’s 50% before the show.

Favorite lines: I’m not even sure I can pick one but I like “…You don’t wanna end up in the pit just like your roll on, I can have your main chic, put you in the bro zone, ukicheza hii mchezo utafunga tu ma own goal and that’s my own goal…”

The reason this is a fave is because he’s a little cocky about how you’re gonna miss it with the following lines, “Get it? I meant it if I said it.” I’ll admit I did miss it at first but I got it eventually. Most of the people who’ve heard this record say that they like “I don’t take your advice, you just wanna spoil my broth so I’m screaming ‘F*** everything’ like every thot’s thought…”

Production could have been better but a little birdie told me there’s S#!% Talk 1.5 on the way as well as a project titled Mean.Time dropping and I CAN’T wait to hear!

2. Holy Key (Remix)|| Asum Garvey.

The first time I met Asum Garvey I ain’t gonna lie, I didn’t expect him to be as skilled as he is. Classic case of “Don’t judge a book.” Whether it’s a party track or a song where he’s just showing his lyrical prowess, Asum never drops the ball. On this DJ Khaled beat, Asum gives us 4:23 minutes of nothing but straight fire, capturing your attention start to finish.

“F em all I know that I’m the Kodak and I know dat, a picture perfect order is all whole lot of a motor…”

His track The Anomally featuring Dope I Mean and Kevin Grands is currently charting on Capital FM’s Hits Not Homework at number 6. It’s an extremely hot record and we need to take it to the top of the charts. Vote on Twitter by tagging @HitsNotHomework.

3. Alpha|| Ace Tha Don (Life in Rhyme)

Everyone who knows and has listened to Ace Tha Don knows that he’s very gifted when it comes to bars. They’re calling him Kronos now so… Yes!

Alpha was the lead single off his Life in Rhyme tape and start to finish, he’s all about the bars and punchlines.  On this record, the Don of da Bid’ness calls dibs on the top spot when it comes to skill, bars, lyricism and flow hence the name “Alpha”. The record  was produced by Odie on the Track. When Ace Tha Don says, “And falling off is highly unlikely, get a franchise reaction like ‘Oh, I think they like me’” he had me like….


If you haven’t listened to Life in Rhyme, let this be the track that leads you to getting the whole tape. Holla at Ace Tha Don on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to get deets on how you can bless your playlist with Life in Rhyme.

4. Sorry Not Sorry (R3mix) || H3nry (Zim)

First time H3nry hollad at me on Twitter, he asked for a followback. I peeped his location and it said Cape Town so I didn’t know why he was reaching out. A few DMs later, he asked me to review his music because he had checked out this blog and loved my honesty, he said. That blew me away. Took a lot of dialogue with myself not to get my head swole lol. Anyway, I did check out his music and even reviewed “Marry Jane” on one of my RFFs. We’ve been in communication since and he’s been sending me music on a regular, which I LOVE!

Sorry Not Sorry is his remix to Bryson Tiller’s same track, which is probably my most favorite song by Tiller. H3nry’s bars are concise and hard (lol I don’t have another word to slot in here), with subliminal bragging rights in there that you can only get if you pay attention. His bars, where he takes his breath, this one is a problem! “Man my name is Henry and I’m the topic of discussion. Me and Ice Prince had a chat about Hov, I told him I’mma be ahead of the game like a concussion…”

There’s a Nasty C line he dropped…


“Now look at everybody’s face as I spit this, everybody got that sick face like I killed it. Look how skilled this young king rap like a gift on Christmas, this boy sick like I gift wrap illness…” and that ain’t even my fave line on this record.

Safe to say that I REALLY like his work and I look forward to meeting him soon. Just so we can kick it… and listen to lots of Hip Hop by him. Look out for this one, Africa!

5. Turn On The Lights || MDQ ft. Khaligraph x M. I

Turn On The Lights was one continuous shot because each of these rappers was tackling a particular person. I wanna tell you who it is but then why would you go back and listen to the lyrics again, right? Say what thou wilt about MDQ but she’s a boss and she stays doing some boss sh*. I love the energy on Turn On The Lights. The repetition in the lyrics make it easy to remember and it sticks in your head and DQ plays no games. “You don’t think I got bars? Here’s some…

‘”Siogopi, weh ni copy, ideas kibao sikopi. Ma laps ma laps napiga malaps, naua marapper nakill all the tracks…‘”You get it right?


Muthoni’s delivery was impressive on this one and I’mma pay respect to someone who’s ACTUALLY putting in work.


What do you think? Any record you’d wanna add to this list? I’m sure there’s plenty so why don’t you drop your comments below and I’ll check them out? Make sure to share and like this post. Next week we handle producers 🙂


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