7 Random Facts About Kenyan Rapper, Monski

When I was looking for female rappers during the second season of UnKut, someone sent me a link to Monski’s “I’m Heavy”.

I had no idea how to get a hold of her until after I posted the video on my Instagram that I noticed at the end they put up her social media handles. I immediately hit her up on IG and although I wanted her to feature on the second season, she couldn’t make the date set. She also told me she doesn’t “do Cyphers” but I’m so glad I convinced her to hop on season 3, aimed to celebrate all the Women in Hip Hop!


As is the norm with Hip Hop, Monski of course had to have a chest thumping track. That’s all she does on “Compe“, her latest single where she calls for everyone’s attention as she calls dibs on the throne.

Ahead of the June 4th show at Turning Tables, here are a few fun facts about Monski.

1. Monski couldn’t wait to start living life as her own human. Prolly the reason she got born in a cab on the way to Pumwani. Talk about life on the fast lane, literally.

2. Her favorite​ number is 8 because it’s her birth date. She was born on February 8th.


3. She loves dancing and has been doing it since she learned how to move. Monski would consider taking up dancing professionally.

4. Her fave ice cream is Pistachio because of the taste and it’s green!


5. She loves music and of course, being a Hip Hop artist, that’s her fave genre because “it’s real”.

6. Monski doesn’t say much because, according to her, “Silence is better than BS”.

7. She believes in Zodiac signs and is an Aquarius.


To catch her live on the mic, clear your schedule in June 4th starting 5 pm. She’ll be rapping alongside some of the most skilled rappers on the come up. The reason why this show is really important? First, the line up is crazy. It’s super affordable, even if you decide to buy tickets at the gate and just like the 2 previous UnKut the Cypher editions, we promise a great show and good vibes throughout the evening. Plus, who doesn’t wanna come catch some hot females dropping bars? I wouldn’t!

Advance tickets are only Kshs. 300 Bob available on My Mookh. Tickets at the gate will be limited and will be sold for Kshs. 500 so go ahead and cop tickets for you and squad!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kevo says:

    I’ve seen her perform and she’s super awesome on the mic.can’t wait to see her perfom again

    1. thispreciseruby says:

      Then you should definitely cop that ticket if you haven’t yet… There’s gonna be plenty more chics on the mic 🙂

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